How To Go To The Solarium Correctly

How To Go To The Solarium Correctly
How To Go To The Solarium Correctly

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Bronze, chocolate, golden - all these ear-pleasing definitions we hear when our body is covered with a tan - even and attractive. Tanning is a wonderful decoration for the skin: it gives it a healthy look and hides minor imperfections. And if you were unable to sunbathe on the sea beach under the gentle sun, then you can always achieve a perfect tan in the solarium. However, in order for a tan to really become a decoration and not entail unpleasant consequences, it is necessary not to forget about how to properly go to the solarium.

How to go to the solarium correctly
How to go to the solarium correctly
  1. First, remember that the first few tanning sessions should not exceed three minutes. If you do not follow this rule and stay in the solarium for a long time, then troubles cannot be avoided. Peeling of the skin, pronounced redness and itching may occur. In order not to overpay, you need to choose tanning salons, where per-minute payment is practiced - this way you can gradually increase the time spent in the capsule or apparatus and not pay extra money for it.
  2. To tan evenly in a solarium, you must prepare your skin for it in advance. To do this, you can make a superficial light peeling while taking a shower, and after that moisturize the skin with a product that you usually use. This will not only help keep your tan, but will also help make it more even and brighter. In cosmetic stores and pharmacies, special products are sold designed for tanning in a solarium, which contribute to its retention. Before using them, it is imperative to read the instructions: some products must be applied in advance - about an hour before the session. In such cases, you need to use it at home, and not in the salon.
  3. Before starting the session, you must remove makeup, as many decorative cosmetics contain UV filters that have sunscreen properties. It is necessary to wear a special bandage over the eyes, otherwise the retina of the eyes may be damaged.
  4. It is advisable to protect the hair as well - it can dry out in a solarium. To do this, it is enough to put on a protective cap.
  5. The lips in the solarium should be covered with hygienic lipstick. It protects delicate skin from dehydration and drying out.
  6. A prerequisite for safe tanning in a solarium is breast protection. You can use special products that are sold in the tanning salons themselves, or you can use your own linen. The only condition is that it is better to refuse synthetics altogether.
  7. If you have tattoos on your skin, then it is better to cover such areas, otherwise the dyes may fade, and even cause allergies.
  8. Mobile phones, players and solarium jewelry are undesirable - leave them at home or hand them over to a special storage room.

It is not difficult to go to the solarium correctly: follow these simple rules, and after a while you will catch the admiring glances of those around you, surprising them with your charming tan.

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