How Often Can You Go To The Solarium

How Often Can You Go To The Solarium
How Often Can You Go To The Solarium

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The best place for sunbathing and sunbathing is the beach. But if the summer is still far away, or a trip to the sea is not included in your plans, you can give your skin a bronze tint in a solarium. But so that going to the solarium does not harm your health, it is important to follow the rules for visiting it.

How often can you go to the solarium
How often can you go to the solarium

There are both a number of general recommendations for visiting a solarium, and individual ones - those that suit certain categories of people.

The general rules for visiting the solarium are as follows:

- a tanning course cannot consist of more than 8-10 sessions;

- the optimal stay in the solarium is 5-7 minutes;

- the break between sessions must be at least two days;

- after the course, you should take a break for at least a month;

- you can visit the solarium no more than 50 times a year.

By following these recommendations, the likelihood of burns and other adverse effects from artificial tanning is minimized.

It is also important to consider the individual type of appearance. Blondes with light eyes and pale skin should be especially careful when visiting a solarium, as they are likely to get burned even with the minimum duration of the procedure. In this case, the first session should not exceed three minutes. At each subsequent visit, the time spent in the solarium can be increased by one minute. However, the maximum allowed for blondes is only 7 minutes. You will have to stop at this figure, even if the tan lays down evenly and no visible negative changes are visible on the skin. 10 sessions is the maximum allowable rate for fair-skinned women.

It is generally not recommended for red-haired girls with fair skin to sunbathe in a solarium, since they have a high risk of provoking the development of melanoma - skin cancer. If a woman with this type of appearance nevertheless decides to ignore this recommendation, she should be in the solarium with extreme caution and no more than three minutes per session.

Fair-skinned girls with light brown hair and dark eyes - the owners of the European skin type - can sunbathe in a solarium, observing only general rules. The likelihood of getting burns is minimal, and tanning, as a rule, lays down smoothly and quickly.

Girls with dark skin generally can afford not to visit the solarium, as their body looks "tanned" anyway. However, if they want to become even darker, 5-7 sessions with a break of three days between them will be enough. The duration of stay in the solarium for owners of this type of skin can be increased up to 12 minutes.

There are categories of persons for whom a solarium is contraindicated in general. These include:

- people with a history of cancer;

- children under the age of 16;

- persons registered with a dermatologist with skin diseases or rashes;

- people taking antibacterial drugs (at the end of the course of treatment, visiting the solarium is allowed).

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