Does Eyelash Extension Harm Your Eyesight?

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Does Eyelash Extension Harm Your Eyesight?
Does Eyelash Extension Harm Your Eyesight?

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Every girl and woman dreams of beautiful, long lush eyelashes that accentuate the look. It is for this reason that eyelash extensions have become so popular.

Does eyelash extension harm your eyesight?
Does eyelash extension harm your eyesight?

Eyelash extension has its own advantages, disadvantages and contraindications.

Is eyelash extension harmful to eye health or not

It is impossible to give an exact answer about the dangers of eyelash extensions, since a number of factors are taken into account: intolerance to the elements that are used in the extension, the condition of the eyelids, the use of lenses and a weakened condition that can cause loss of natural eyelashes.

No less interesting is the question of whether natural eyelashes deteriorate after extension. Shedding of eyelashes is a natural renewal process that is inherent in all living organisms. It is worth noting here that after the removal of the extended eyelashes, a greater loss of natural eyelashes is observed.

For the growth and strengthening of the hairline, there are specialized tools, the use of which will significantly accelerate the growth rate.

Is extension harmful to vision

Is eyelash extension harmful: reviews cannot dwell on a single and well-founded opinion. Therefore, every girl who decides to grow eyelashes should receive an objective assessment of the condition of her skin and eye health.

Despite the fact that such an operation as eyelash extension is gaining more and more popularity every day, the clients of the salon do not cease to worry about the dangers of extension. The opinions of experts were fundamentally different on this issue. Many cosmetologists, makeup artists and dermatologists claim with confidence that the extension procedure is absolutely safe. But the opinion of allergists and ophthalmologists is the opposite. What is the reason? The glue that is used for gluing artificial eyelashes has an aggressive composition of various chemical elements.

All this can cause the development of allergies, which negatively affects visual acuity.

Scientists have their own opinion on this - the glue contains substances that have carcinogenic properties leading to cancer. Conjunctivitis is considered a fairly common consequence of the build-up.

Each artificial eyelash puts pressure on natural eyelashes, which leads to mechanical damage and increased fragility. In addition, due to the applied glue, the hair follicles do not receive enough nutrients and oxygen, which also causes the cilia to fall out.

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