How Long Do Ears Heal After A Puncture

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How Long Do Ears Heal After A Puncture
How Long Do Ears Heal After A Puncture

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Men and women began to pierce their ears and insert various jewelry into them since ancient times. Over the centuries, the fashion for this either calmed down, then gained momentum again. Today, earrings are worn mainly by the fair sex, often in several pieces at once. Fortunately, the ear piercing operation is carried out in a matter of minutes, and the wounds, if carried out correctly, heal rather quickly.

How long do ears heal after a puncture
How long do ears heal after a puncture

How long does pierced ears heal?

The healing period of the ears after a puncture depends largely on how correctly this operation was performed. Although there are fairly safe methods of ear piercing today, including using a special pistol with charged earrings, there is always the possibility of infection in the wound. This usually happens if non-sterile needles are used in the process or if the ears are pierced at someone's home. In this case, an inflammatory process may begin or keloid scars may form.

The individual characteristics of the organism are also of great importance. Pierced ears may not heal for a long time if the earrings inserted into them are made of metal that causes an allergic reaction. That is why it is initially recommended to wear products made of special medical steel or gold. However, if you are allergic to nickel, some gold earrings should also not be worn until the wound is completely healed, as there is a small amount of this metal in their alloy.

There is especially a lot of nickel in 583 and 750 gold.

Correct and timely care of the ears also affects the healing time of the ears after a puncture. Every day after this procedure, it is necessary to treat the damaged part of the ear with an antiseptic agent, for example, "Chlorhexidine" or ordinary hydrogen peroxide. Every two days, while rubbing, gently rotate the earring so that it does not adhere to the skin and the wound heals sooner. However, it is not recommended to remove the first earrings until the ichor is flowing from the holes.

On average, after a piercing, ears heal from 4 to 6 weeks, but this process can also take 2-3 months. If pus is released from the wound during this period, you need to see a doctor. The same should be done if the ears do not heal for a longer time.

Ears should not be pierced for those who suffer from cystic acne, blood diseases, eczema. It is also not recommended to do this in case of diabetes mellitus.

How to get your ears pierced

To avoid unpleasant consequences after ear piercing, such an operation should be trusted only by an experienced master. Today this can be done in any tattoo parlor and even in many hairdressing salons, but not all masters can choose the right place on the lobe for the future hole. As a result, under the weight of the jewelry, the lobes are pulled down over time.

It is best to pierce the earlobe, since there is no cartilage in this place and healing occurs much faster. In addition, there are the fewest important hotspots associated with many organs. It is especially important not to experiment with piercings in other places of the ear in children, and even more so to make them pierced on the tongue or lip.

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