How To Treat Lip Swelling

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How To Treat Lip Swelling
How To Treat Lip Swelling

Lips are swollen or swollen in a specific place for various reasons. Sometimes the reason is obvious, but more often than not, the person does not understand what happened. This can be a shock injury, the result of a burn after drinking hot liquids, allergic reactions, a reaction to a cold, or a consequence of other inflammatory processes. Treatment methods differ in each case. Therefore, in order to eliminate the tumor, one should begin by clarifying the diagnosis.

How to treat lip swelling
How to treat lip swelling


Step 1

Very often, swelling on the lips is due to the body's reaction to colds. Perhaps, in this case, you should not do anything specifically against the tumor - treat your respiratory ailment, and the swelling will go away on its own. But some healers advise applying a Kalanchoe leaf to the affected lip during the day. To do this, it should be wrinkled before use so that the juice stands out. The same effect has, according to the healers, a golden mustache.

Step 2

Sometimes the lip can become swollen after being hit. In this case, the situation is usually complicated by the presence of a bruise. Immediately apply ice to the site of the injury or apply a compress from cold water. This will ease the pain and ease the swelling a little. Try a well-known remedy like bodyagi. Ready-made - like a cream or ointment - it can be found in any pharmacy. If you only have dry grass, steam it, and then soak cotton pads or pieces of bandage folded in several layers in the broth and apply to the bruised area. The inflammatory process that has arisen can also be stopped by using an ordinary cabbage leaf.

Step 3

One of the causes of lip swelling can be a viral infection - herpes. To remove the swelling, you should buy the appropriate ointment at the pharmacy, it is better not to pull with this, because in the initial stage, you can get rid of such a nuisance on the lips quite quickly, but if you delay the treatment, the condition of the lips will worsen even more. In addition, it is not enough just to get rid of the consequences - this virus should be treated with other drugs that your doctor should prescribe.

Step 4

Lips can also swell as a result of an allergic reaction. For example, if an antibiotic or any other medicine did not suit you. In this case, firstly, stop taking the medication and consult your doctor to correct the course of treatment. Secondly, you may be prescribed antihistamines to relieve allergies.

Step 5

There are often times when the lip swells after a person has unsuccessfully squeezed out a pimple. This happens when an infection is introduced into the wound. In this case, you will need anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ointments or lotions. If the available tools do not help you, contact a surgeon or dermatologist. You may need to open an abscess and prescribe antibiotics. These symptoms may indicate the formation of phlegmon, which is very dangerous, because the resulting pus may spread to other areas of the face. Therefore, it is better not to self-medicate.

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