How To Quickly Heal Wounds

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How To Quickly Heal Wounds
How To Quickly Heal Wounds

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Minor injuries occur daily. Bruises, cuts and even simple scratches cause a lot of inconvenience, sometimes leaving very small wounds that you want to heal as quickly as possible.

How to quickly heal wounds
How to quickly heal wounds


Step 1

Lubricate the wounds with iodine. In the case of an inflammatory process that shows itself as redness, you need to deal with the infection. The fastest and best way to do this is iodine. Renew its layer on the wounds about once every two to three hours until the redness is minimal. Never apply iodine to open wounds!

Step 2

Heat the wounds with hydrogen peroxide. Thanks to her, they will quickly tighten, dry out and heal.

Step 3

Cure them with coffee. The folk recipe that elevates finely ground coffee to the rank of medicinal products has been known for more than a decade. It is important that it is not cooked, but fresh. Such coffee will not only speed up healing, but also stop minor bleeding.

Step 4

Use nettles. At home it is good to keep it in the following form: pour the crushed leaves with stems with alcohol, leave for five days, then separate the nettle and dry it. Apply to wounds for ten minutes. This recipe is also useful for muscle wounds.

Step 5

Heal contaminated wounds with carrots. Grate a fresh root vegetable on a fine grater and attach to them. On top, make a loose bandage with a bandage.

Step 6

Lubricate the wounds with a thin layer of zinc ointment. Beat off a clean and dry plantain leaf, attach to the wound and bandage. Plantain can be used without ointment, the main thing is how to beat it off before the healing juice appears. You need to change the attached sheet every two hours at least five times a day.

Step 7

Try to keep the wounds open, that is, not so that air does not stop access to them. In this case, they will heal much faster.

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