How To Get Rid Of Redness After A Squeezed Pimple

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How To Get Rid Of Redness After A Squeezed Pimple
How To Get Rid Of Redness After A Squeezed Pimple

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Acne is different in nature. Some disappear the next day without leaving any traces, while others mature for a long time and leave unpleasant red spots behind. The speed of curing a pimple affects the consequences. That is, the earlier it disappeared, the lower the likelihood of redness after it. But what if the pimple stays on the skin long enough and leaves traces behind?

How to get rid of redness after a squeezed pimple
How to get rid of redness after a squeezed pimple

Bodyaga is the enemy of redness on the skin

An excellent helper in the fight against redness is a bodyworm. It is sold as an ointment or powder. Bodyaga perfectly cleanses pores and reduces redness. For those who have never used this remedy, it is recommended to start with an ointment - it acts on the skin softer than a powder.

Gently apply the gel to the most affected areas of the skin, leave it on for 10-12 minutes. Do not rub in to avoid further irritation. After the time has elapsed, wipe off the ointment with cotton pads, then wash your face with cool water. The course of bodyagi treatment consists of 10-15 procedures, only then you will see the result: the skin will become fresh, even and taut.

Masks for red spots after acne

A clay mask is very effective when you need to remove redness after squeezing acne. Buy blue or green clay from a pharmacy, dilute it with water to a gruel state, add 3-5 drops of rosemary oil. Apply a thick layer of mask all over the face for 10 minutes and rinse.

Please note that the mask has a strong whitening effect, so it should not be applied pointwise. These masks should be done once a day, repeated every other day for 30 days.

Egg white mask effectively whitens skin after acne treatment. Separate 2 whites gently, add ½ tsp. tablespoons of lemon juice, stir thoroughly. Spread the mask over your face and wait 15 minutes until it dries. Then rinse with cold water and apply a moisturizer. Do this mask regularly for 30 days daily at night and you will achieve the desired result: even the darkest spots will disappear.

Tomato starch mask is an excellent remedy to fight red spots after acne. Take 1 tomato, peel it and remember with a fork. Mix the resulting pulp with 1 tbsp. starch. Wash your face and apply the resulting mixture to your face. Already on the third day, changes will be noticeable.

If the use of medical masks does not work, contact a beauty salon. There you will be prescribed more effective treatments that will brighten and even out your skin:

1. Chemical peeling - in 1-2 procedures, the dead cells of the stains will go away.

2. Laser therapy - the procedure stimulates collagen production, acts on damaged capillaries, which leads to the disappearance of spots.

Most importantly, get rid of the cause of acne. Then it will be much easier to get rid of redness and other consequences.

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