How To Treat Rosacea

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How To Treat Rosacea
How To Treat Rosacea

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Couperosis manifests itself in the form of characteristic veins on the face. The disease most often occurs in people who have thin and sensitive skin. Couperosis occurs when the capillaries lose the ability to narrow when the blood supply to parts of the body. The phenomenon itself does not pose any danger and is considered a cosmetic defect.

How to treat rosacea
How to treat rosacea

The appearance of rosacea

The disease can be caused by a genetic factor or a person's lifestyle. In most cases, rosacea is inherited. Sometimes abnormalities in the functioning of the capillaries are associated with excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Vessels may begin to lose their ability to constrict with excessive exposure to the sun or frequent visits to the solarium. Another factor affecting the development of rosacea is sudden changes in temperature that cause tissue damage.

The onset of the disease can be provoked by prolonged use of alcohol, as well as smoking. A common cause of vascular lesions is also improper skin care and frequent use of harsh cosmetic procedures that dehydrate the skin and injure blood vessels.


Laser therapy is one of the most effective methods in the treatment of rosacea. Under the influence of the light flux, the vessel affected by the disease is heated. This phenomenon causes the capillary walls to stick together. The effect of the laser does not affect the skin, however, the capillary pattern on the affected area becomes less noticeable.

Before the procedure, the specialist makes the necessary settings for the equipment and selects the optimal parameters that are suitable for the patient's skin type. The color of the vessel and the number of visible defects also play a role during the configuration of the laser apparatus.

The procedure for getting rid of the external manifestations of rosacea is carried out in several sessions, the break between which should be at least 2 weeks. During the operation, the patient may feel a tingling sensation that disappears after the laser is turned off. One treatment session can last about 30 minutes, depending on the parameters of the vascular formation. A noticeable effect of the operation occurs in 1-2 weeks after 2 procedures.

For the treatment of rosacea, some types of medical and cosmetic preparations are also suitable, which are selected in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient. Among the pharmacy brands that produce masks for the treatment of the disease, one can note Vichy, Lierac, Bioderma, Uriage, RoC, Galenic. Also on the cosmetics market there are brands such as Christina, Dikson, Darphin, Holy Land, Matis, etc. Usually, cosmetic companies produce several lines for the treatment of a defect, which can be suitable for different skin types. Some companies offer effective complexes, which include various creams, cleansing masks and tonics.

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