Home Remedies For Abrasions

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Home Remedies For Abrasions
Home Remedies For Abrasions

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An abrasion is damage to the top layer of the skin, accompanied by pain, irritation and burning, and sometimes bleeding. Abrasions are most common in children and athletes. Shallow injuries can be treated on their own with natural home remedies.

Home remedies for abrasions
Home remedies for abrasions


Step 1

First of all, you need to cleanse the abrasion to prevent any infection. To do this, wash the wound with antiseptic soap and warm water and pat it dry with a clean cloth. Then treat the abrasion with hydrogen peroxide.

Step 2

Aloe vera gel is the most popular home remedy used to treat abrasions. It promotes rapid healing of wounds, cuts and abrasions. Apply aloe vera gel to damaged skin twice a day.

Step 3

Honey is also used as a home remedy to speed up the healing of abrasions. Lubricate the damaged skin with honey for quick healing and reducing irritation.

Step 4

Calendula is a good anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. Make lotions from calendula tincture twice a day.

Step 5

Parsley contains vitamins and essential oils. They help in the healing of not only abrasions, but also burns. Mash fresh parsley leaves until juicing and apply to the affected area. Sorrel leaves are used in the same way.

Step 6

Apple vinegar. Regularly treating the abrasion with apple cider vinegar will not only help relieve pain, but will also help it heal faster.

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