How Old Do Teenage Acne Appear?

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How Old Do Teenage Acne Appear?
How Old Do Teenage Acne Appear?

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The period from 12 to 20 years is considered the most difficult. This is the time of puberty of the body, changes in hormonal levels. At this age, adolescents suffer from acne, which occurs due to improper functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Teenage acne disappears closer to 20 years
Teenage acne disappears closer to 20 years

It is necessary

Wash your face twice a day, use scrubs, follow a diet


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Teenage acne causes a lot of inconvenience for boys and girls. But there is no getting away from this, this period should be lived through. During puberty, the level of hormones in the blood changes, the sebaceous glands malfunction, they become clogged, and the inflammatory process begins. Acne in adolescence does not cause any concern, many people think that they will go away by themselves. But the problem does not always go away with age. There are people who at 30 and 40 years old suffer from rashes on the face and body.

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In adolescents, acne most often appears on the forehead and nose. If you follow the basic rules of hygiene, treat the inflamed skin with special lotions and tonics, then the problem will not seem so urgent. By the age of 20, acne will bother you less and less. If the nature of the rash on the face is plentiful, it causes a lot of problems and inconveniences, then you should consult a doctor. It will be necessary to pass a number of tests for hormones and find out what caused the hormonal disruption. Probably, this was due to the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland.

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In adolescence, it is difficult to treat acne because the body is rebuilding, hormones are raging. There are general recommendations, but not the fact that they will help literally everyone, since the skin of adolescents is different. An individual approach is required. Everyday facial treatments cannot be ignored. Dust and dirt accumulate on the skin throughout the day, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. You should wash your face twice a day: in the morning and in the evening, always with hot water, as it expands the pores. You need to finish the procedure by washing with cold water in order to narrow the pores and prevent bacteria from entering them again. For deep cleansing, a scrub is used twice a week. It will help remove the stratum corneum.

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There are other products that have been proven over the years to cleanse the skin and prevent acne. At the pharmacy, you can buy a 1% salicylic acid solution and wipe your face with it. Tar soap dries well and disinfects oily skin. They should wash themselves before bed.

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