How To Lift Your Eyelid

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How To Lift Your Eyelid
How To Lift Your Eyelid

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With age, many women are saddened by drooping eyelids, making the look heavy and half asleep. Not everyone decides to lift the eyelids, but others do not have such an opportunity at all (for financial or other reasons). At the same time, not everyone knows what to solve this problem, i.e. you can visually raise the eyelid, making the look more open and expressive, with the help of skillful makeup. To do this, you need to know some subtleties and avoid common mistakes.

How to lift your eyelid
How to lift your eyelid


Step 1

Eyebrows. Eye makeup should start with the eyebrows. Remember that unnecessarily drooping outer ends of the eyebrows (the so-called ponytails) emphasize the drooping eyelid. A slight adjustment to the shape of the eyebrows, which consists in raising the narrow part and the tips (i.e. removing the lower hairs and drawing the upper ones), will already give the face a freshness and free it from the expression of gloom. In addition, a smooth and beautiful arch of the eyebrow will visually divert attention from heavy swollen eyelids.

Step 2

Shadows. The main rule is not to use shadows of the same color and not to get carried away with a shimmer, i.e. an abundance of shimmery and reflective shadows, more suitable for young skin. In the case of overhanging centuries, methods of color and graphics become extremely important, i.e. the right choice of shades of eyeshadow and the right direction of the shading lines of the eyelids. It is in this way that the main task is solved - the visual rise of the natural line of the century. Traditionally, shadows of light shades are applied directly under the eyebrow line - usually white, but pale yellow, pinkish or light blue are also acceptable. Shadows of a darker shade are applied to the movable eyelid with a slight withdrawal of them beyond the outer limits of the eyelids in the direction of the temple and slightly upward. After that, a detailed drawing of the fold of the eyelid is made. Cosmetologists advise using a mix of light and dark shadows for this. This can be, for example, a mixture of brown and pink shades or lilac and pale yellow. It all depends on the type and color of the chosen makeup. It is necessary to slightly draw the drawn line beyond the natural line, slightly bending it up. The contour of the lower eyelid is drawn with dark shadows or a pencil to match the shadows used on the upper eyelid.

Important! When applying shadows, the eyelid should be lifted and straightened with your fingers (slightly stretched and fixed), the brush should be kept flat, as if you were applying an applicator to the eyelid. But shading the shadows do with open eyelids, only then it is possible to remove the fold so that the eyelid visually appears raised.

Step 3

Mascara. The choice of mascara color depends on the overall eye makeup tone. It is important to hold the brush correctly when tinting the eyelashes of the upper eyelid. It is necessary to direct it in such a way that the eyelashes seem to rush to the temples and up. If you have long and fluffy eyelashes, you can achieve the effect of slanting eyes, which is very good for hanging eyelids.

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