How To Treat White Pimples On Your Eyelids

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How To Treat White Pimples On Your Eyelids
How To Treat White Pimples On Your Eyelids

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White pimples that form on the eyelids, and sometimes on the cheeks, are called milium, or mildew. They are small in size - from 1 to 3 mm, white, dense to the touch, similar to grain. Occur due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. You should not be afraid and upset when white pimples appear - it is not fatal and can be quickly cured.

How to treat white pimples on your eyelids
How to treat white pimples on your eyelids

Causes of white pimples on the eyelids

A large amount of sebum begins to accumulate in one place, not being able to "free" in time, so the ducts are tightly clogged. Primary milia appear. Secondary ones appear due to mechanical damage to the skin or ongoing inflammatory processes. One pimple or a group of mildews may occur, located next to each other. Unhealthy diet is considered one of the causes of milium. Eliminate fatty, smoked and fried foods from your diet. It clogs the pores even more. Most often, such problems are characteristic of those with oily or combination skin.

Methods for treating and dealing with pimples on the eyelids

One of the options for dealing with mildews is to seek help from a dermatologist or cosmetologist. The doctor will give good advice, and the beautician will relieve you of acne. There is a cosmetic way to remove millet, which you can resort to at home. Wash your face with warm water and baby soap or milk.

Prepare a steam bath with beneficial herbs for the face and hold your face over it for a good steam. Wipe the skin dry and soak the area with acne and a fine needle with alcohol-based tincture. A syringe needle will do. With clean hands and a disinfected instrument, carefully pierce the millet and squeeze out all the contents. Wipe the area with alcohol-based tincture.

If you are afraid to perform this kind of procedure yourself, contact a specialist. In addition to this method, the clinic can offer a more gentle alternative. Electrocoagulation - cauterization of a pimple with electrical currents. The dense crust formed after the procedure passes rather quickly.

Another, the most priority treatment method is laser coagulation. Based on the action of a laser. Just like in the previous method, a seal appears, disappearing after a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, there are no medicated ointments, creams, lotions or masks to combat mildew. In some cases, white pimples disappear as suddenly as they appear. Include daily skin care in the course of treatment, then the likelihood of milium will decrease several times. Wash your face often, wipe your face with lotion, do masks and sometimes steam baths several times a week. Also, touch your face less, and especially your eyes, with your hands.

White pimples on the eyelids, like any other inflammation, interfere with the normal functioning of the skin and make us less confident. Therefore, timely response to the problem will only improve your mood and appearance.

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