How To Remove A Piercing Hole

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How To Remove A Piercing Hole
How To Remove A Piercing Hole

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In an effort to adorn themselves with piercings, most fashionistas do not think about the possible unpleasant consequences. Often, holes on different parts of the body cause inflammation; an ugly scar may appear in the place of the original earrings. But even if the perforation of the skin did not cause complications, one day you may be faced with the question: how to remove the hole from the piercing? It does not always grow safely - in difficult cases, you have to turn to plastic.

How to remove a piercing hole
How to remove a piercing hole

It is necessary

  • - Consultation with a good piercing specialist
  • - Antiseptic
  • - A remedy for the treatment of scars
  • - Plastic surgery


Step 1

Only get pierced by a well-recommended professional beauty salon. So that you don't have any problems in the future, follow these important rules:

- Do not make two punctures in one place at once. Let the former heal completely first;

- While the piercing hole is healing, wipe it in the mornings and evenings with a cotton swab dipped in an antiseptic (for example, a solution of Miramistin 0.01%);

- If a crust of dried blood forms at the puncture site, do not try to pick it off with your nails! Soak a cotton swab in an antiseptic and apply to this place for 30 minutes;

- Consult your doctor before piercing especially sensitive parts of the body (tongue, intimate parts, breast, etc.).

Step 2

Girls need to consider whether to get their belly button pierced. In pregnancy, as the abdomen grows, the small, neat opening will stretch and often end in a large scar. If you have a pierced navel, remove the jewelry before planning a pregnancy - usually a puncture in this area will heal from a month to six months.

Step 3

Consult a beautician or dermatologist if a scar has formed in the place of a small piercing hole. You may be given a comprehensive treatment to treat small, fresh scars. Modern remedies for scars, such as Kontraktubeks, Klevrin, Mederma, are often recommended.

Step 4

Contact a plastic surgeon if you cannot get rid of old punctures by other means (especially when they have been very actively used). Do not wait until the scar at the piercing site becomes abnormal. The success of treatment or surgery will depend on the stage in which the scar is. If only the epidermis is damaged, the skin defect can be removed quite easily, for example, by laser resurfacing. But it will be much more difficult to get rid of keloid (red growing) nodes. When you remove the piercing from the earring, try to follow the fashion in the future without risking your health and damage to your beauty.

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