How To Cure Forehead Acne

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How To Cure Forehead Acne
How To Cure Forehead Acne

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Pimples on the forehead appear mainly in adolescence, but sometimes they cause a lot of trouble for older people. It is not always possible to disguise acne under the bangs, but this should not upset you either. Start an immediate fight against the "tenants" who have chosen a comfortable home on their foreheads.

How to cure forehead acne
How to cure forehead acne

It is necessary

  • - aloe leaves;
  • - calendula;
  • - scrub or soda;
  • - salicylic acid;
  • - vitamins.


Step 1

Treat your forehead with salicylic acid, which is available at your local pharmacy. If there are not so many pimples, then one rubbing of the skin per day will be enough, otherwise, do it twice a day. Calendula also helps a lot. Dilute the tincture in warm water (1 tablespoon per glass), wipe the skin 2-3 times a day. You can take a decoction of calendula and inside, brewing 2 tsp. dry raw materials in a glass of water.

Step 2

Buy aloe juice in ampoules and treat acne-affected areas with it. If you have a houseplant, cut a leaf off it and rinse it under running water. Squeeze out the juice and use it. If there are a lot of acne, then consult your doctor about aloe injections. They are placed intramuscularly for 14 days. As a result of such treatment, not only the skin is cleansed, but also has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Step 3

Sweet, flour, fatty and smoked foods have a negative effect on the skin. Try to stick to a simple diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Step 4

If tanning is not contraindicated for you, then sunbathe. In the summer, sunbathe for 5-15 minutes, and in the winter go to the solarium. Before such treatment, do not forget to consult with an oncologist or dermatologist. Also ask for advice on how to treat forehead acne. The dermatologist can advise you on special products that will cope with your problem in a matter of days.

Step 5

Cleanse your skin periodically with a scrub or baking soda. Perform the procedure at least 2 times a week. Then apply the cream for problem skin to your face. Try to avoid the use of nutrients, they will only cause more problems and provoke the formation of new pimples.

Step 6

Take vitamins or just zinc. In some cases, when taking complex drugs, an increase in the number of acne is observed, this is due to an excess of vitamin A. Therefore, you can only drink zinc, vitamin E and C. Gradually, your skin will acquire a healthy look and color.

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