How To Quickly Remove Acne

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How To Quickly Remove Acne
How To Quickly Remove Acne

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Often there is such a situation when, on the eve of an important meeting, negotiations or event, an insidious pimple appears in the most conspicuous place. There is panic, anxiety, fear of making an unpleasant impression at the meeting because of the "spoiled" appearance. Then, at the speed of sound, many are typing a request in the browser: "How to quickly remove acne?"

How to quickly remove acne
How to quickly remove acne


Step 1

Acne occurs for a reason, but is usually due to stress, anxiety, heredity, or poor diet. For these reasons, sebum is secreted so much that it clogs the pores and causes inflammation. Therefore, to prevent acne formation, you should not worry too often.

In order to quickly remove a pimple, you need to determine what kind it is: ripe with the formation of pus or simply inflamed, when pressed, you feel pain. Only a ripe pimple can be removed by squeezing. But this must be done correctly, otherwise there is a possibility of infection.

Step 2

Treat the pimple itself with alcohol, and your hands with an antibacterial agent. Begin to squeeze the pimple at the base so that all the pus comes out of it to the end. The resulting wound should be wiped with an alcohol cotton swab and held for several minutes. After an hour, apply Levomekol to the damaged skin, and take Enterosgel to remove toxins from the body.

Step 3

If you have an inflamed pimple, don't worry, it can also be quickly treated. Use a few drops of Vizin to remove the redness of the resulting blackhead. Redness will disappear within 1-2 days thanks to this product.

Step 4

You can also apply tea tree oil on the pimples themselves at night. In the morning, your pimple will be much smaller or disappear altogether. Another way to get rid of acne quickly is to use celandine tincture to wipe your face in the morning and evening. Then the next day there will be no trace of acne.

Step 5

The recipe for such a mask will also help well against acne: you need to stir 3 aspirin tablets in 2-3 drops of boiled water and mix the resulting gruel with 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply the resulting mixture on blackheads for 20 minutes, then remove the remnants of the mask with water.

Enjoy life, avoid stressful situations, then you do not have to ask the question: "How to quickly remove acne?"

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