How To Get Rid Of Red Skin Tones

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How To Get Rid Of Red Skin Tones
How To Get Rid Of Red Skin Tones

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Most often, a red tint of the skin on the face appears due to various inflammations and rashes. They can cause constant disturbance and annoyance to their owner. Many are trying to simply mask problem skin with cosmetics (tonal foundation, puddles). However, in order to get rid of inflammation, it is necessary to treat it, not hide it.

How to get rid of red skin tones
How to get rid of red skin tones


Step 1

In order for the existing rashes to disappear and new ones do not appear, you must, first of all, wash yourself correctly. True, "right" does not mean multiple times at all, because frequent washing leads only to increased production of sebum and, accordingly, to an increase in inflamed areas of the skin. A sufficient number of washes per day - two or three, no more.

Step 2

In addition, it is necessary to correctly select the cleanser (there is now a large assortment of them: foams, mousses, gels, tonics). When choosing, consider your skin type (oily, dry, combination skin), age, and so on. The fact is that an incorrectly selected remedy (for example, a tonic intended for dry skin, applied to oily skin) can only aggravate the situation and lead to an increase in inflamed points (the skin will become even more oily and prone to acne).

Step 3

You can buy medical paraffin wax (available at pharmacies) to reduce redness. Melt it and then apply it gently to problem areas. After the paraffin has hardened, remove it and lubricate the skin with a cream containing vitamins A and E.

Step 4

A mask with cinnamon and honey can be effective. There is nothing difficult in its preparation: you need to take a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon, mix them, and then apply the resulting mixture to the reddened areas of the skin. Keep the mask for 20-25 minutes. For best results, do this routinely for two weeks.

Step 5

By the way, honey in this recipe can be easily replaced with clay (green or white). Just dilute it with a little warm water, stir and add a couple of drops of cinnamon essential oil (if no powder is available). A mask made of bodyagi is also good, which can also be bought at the pharmacy in the form of a powder or gel. However, test it first before using it as it may cause an allergic reaction.

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