How To Remove A Burn

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How To Remove A Burn
How To Remove A Burn

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After burns, traces are often visible on the skin. Fresh ones can be removed without any problems using lavender oil diluted with water or a simple toothpaste, but if the misfortune happened a long time ago, complex procedures will help to smooth the area.

How to remove a burn
How to remove a burn


Step 1

Try to treat burn marks with various ointments available from pharmacies. The most popular and effective are Panthenol, Mederma, Actovegin, Solcoseryl, Sintomycin and Kontraktyubex. Use these tools regularly. It will take at least two months to smooth the skin.

Step 2

Take advantage of the effective advice of traditional medicine. Fresh burns are often recommended to be lubricated with freshly chopped potatoes. Aloe vera leaves and juice also help. For juice treatment, you need to cut off a few leaves of the plant, grind them, wrap them in gauze and squeeze the juice into a cup. Juice the scarlet burn area twice a day until the stain disappears. Also try making compresses with a bandage soaked in juice. To use the leaves of the plant, cut them in half, attach a cut to the scar and secure with a bandage.

Step 3

Apply castor oil to get rid of the dark spot at the injury site. This product has a whitening effect. Lemon zest and juice have the same property, which can be used to create special masks. Mix part of beeswax with two parts of butter, then infuse the mixture in a water bath, stirring until smooth.

Step 4

See a dermatologist or surgeon if you are unable to remove the scar on your own. Specialists will prescribe a suitable course of treatment and refer you to procedures if necessary. Currently, laser resurfacing is being carried out in cosmetic clinics or salons. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to almost completely remove a trace from a burn of any complexity and limitation period. However, the use of a laser can be quite expensive, although it can be guaranteed to get rid of scars all over the body.

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