How To Remove A Burn On The Face

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How To Remove A Burn On The Face
How To Remove A Burn On The Face

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The face is always in sight. Undoubtedly, it is more difficult to hide flaws and defects on the skin of the face than on other parts of the body. Moreover, such a flaw as a burn mark. Methods for treating or masking a burn on the face largely depend on the degree of skin damage.

How to remove a burn on the face
How to remove a burn on the face


Step 1

In case of a slight sunburn, it is necessary to bring the temperature of the face to normal. To do this, dip your face in cold water, then apply a special burn remedy. Do not use oil or petroleum jelly - this can reverse the effect or even cause inflammation. In more serious cases, be sure to see a doctor.

Step 2

Any skin needs time to regenerate. The final result also depends on the proper care of the burn during this period. Regularly apply a product to the burn that accelerates the healing process and decontaminates the skin surface. Do not remove the formed "crust", do not deform the skin, it is fraught with the fact that after the healing of the burn, spots or scars will remain on the skin.

Step 3

Use folk remedies to help heal burns if your face is not too damaged by the sun. For these purposes, cold compresses from black or green tea, masks from fresh cucumbers or peeled potatoes are suitable. You can also cool the curd in water or the refrigerator, wrap it in gauze and apply it to the damaged areas of the face.

Step 4

Severe burns to the face with boiling water, chemicals or fire can leave pronounced marks that are much more serious than simple redness of the skin. It is almost impossible to cope with creams and folk remedies. To solve this problem, contact a beautician, take a course of salon procedures recommended in your particular case.

Step 5

If you have scars and scar tissue on your face after burns, see a plastic surgeon. Currently, laser resurfacing is successfully used to eliminate burn marks - it helps to make the scar tissue thinner, to hide the pronounced signs of skin deformation.

Step 6

If the degree of the burn permits, you can mask it. To do this, get a foundation and powder of a dense consistency with a lot of coloring pigments. Such products can be found in the line of professional or medicinal decorative cosmetics.

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