How To Remove A Cut Scar

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How To Remove A Cut Scar
How To Remove A Cut Scar

Scars from various cuts can be a serious problem for a person, since they disrupt his appearance, thereby aggravating the mental state. Most of these cuts can be removed using a variety of techniques. However, this business is not an easy one, therefore, it can only be entrusted to real professionals.

How to remove a cut scar
How to remove a cut scar


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Indeed, there are several methods of getting rid of scars (or scars, as they are also called), however, it is worth considering that none of them gives one hundred percent guarantee of getting rid; the technique can only try to make the scar not as noticeable as it was before. First, the doctor must first determine the type of your scar. It can be a normotrophic or atrophic scar (which, by the way, is not recommended to operate), hypertrophic (well treatable) or keloid (the operation of which can only lead to its development).

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An atrophic scar can be made invisible by filling the tissues with hyaluronic acid or by peeling (chemical or superficial). Superficial is carried out on the basis of fruit acids, which provide smoothing of the skin's relief, increase skin elasticity, and also reduce the difference in color between healthy, intact skin and scar skin. Chemical peels improve metabolic processes and prevent the growth of connective (scar) tissue. However, it is worth considering that chemical peeling can be carried out only after a superficial one.

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For a hypertrophic scar, laser resurfacing is suitable, which is carried out with a special apparatus that removes the scar tissue layer by layer. After this procedure, for two weeks, the patient may be concerned about some soreness in the area of ​​the scar and slight swelling. In order to avoid inflammation at the resurfacing site, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs (for example, antibiotics, various ointments) and agents that can improve local blood circulation.

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In addition, there are various surgical procedures. For example, such as plastic surgery of the scar with a change in the contour, excision of the scar followed by the imposition of a cosmetic (intradermal) suture, plastic surgery with skin grafting. However, before resorting to any type of operation, you must first consult with a specialist.

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