Why Armpits Itch

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Why Armpits Itch
Why Armpits Itch

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Itching in the armpits is a fairly common occurrence that occurs in both men and women. Most often, it accompanies an allergic reaction to various cosmetics, but it can also be a sign of skin, endocrinological or neurological diseases.

Why armpits itch
Why armpits itch


The most common cause of itching in the armpit area is an allergic reaction to cosmetic products: shaving gel, deodorant, soap, etc. Antiperspirant deodorants are frequent culprits of allergic manifestations. If your skin reaction keeps recurring, try choosing a line labeled sensitive or “for sensitive skin”. Organic remedies may also work for you. The disadvantage of such antiperspirants is that they are quite expensive, and protection from odor and sweat does not last long, about 6-8 hours. If the new product causes an allergy, then do not use it again and the skin reaction will go away on its own within 24-48 hours. If you are experiencing severe discomfort and itching is preventing you from sleeping, take an antihistamine.

Mechanical damage

If you shave your armpits, there is nothing strange that you are often worried about itching in this area. There are several reasons for its appearance. First, the growing hairs irritate the delicate skin of the armpits. Redness, irritation occurs; the situation is aggravated by the possible ingrowth of hairs. Secondly, the skin is injured by the blade during the shaving process, and infection can enter it through small scratches and cracks. In this case, there is intense itching, redness and pain. Also, owners of sensitive skin may encounter an intolerance to rough synthetic fabrics. Synthetic clothing does not breathe well. Due to the lack of air circulation, a person sweats a lot. Excessive moisture irritates the armpit skin, causing itching. The same applies to fleecy fabrics and dense knitwear. Try to choose clothes and underwear that are high in natural fibers.


In some endocrinological or neurological diseases, excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is observed. Severe sweating and, as a result, itching in the armpit area accompany various disorders of the autonomic nervous system, in particular, vegetative-vascular dystonia. And in case of disruption of the endocrine system and fluctuations in the hormonal background, a change in the composition of sweat can be observed. It becomes more corrosive to the skin. In order to make sure of the presence of hormonal disorders, it is necessary to pass tests for thyroid hormones and consult an endocrinologist.

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