How To Reduce The Size Of Moles

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How To Reduce The Size Of Moles
How To Reduce The Size Of Moles

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Some people have very few moles, and they dream of having more. And other people have moles all over their bodies, and they want to get rid of them, or at least reduce them in size. Fortunately, modern medicine knows several safe and painless ways to reduce and remove various skin growths.

How to reduce the size of moles
How to reduce the size of moles

Methods for reducing and removing moles

Today, there are many methods for reducing and removing moles. But only an experienced doctor can advise the most appropriate method. The choice of a solution to the problem with a mole depends on the characteristics of the patient's body and on the condition of the mole.

With laser removal, the patient practically does not feel any unpleasant sensations, since this method shrinks the blood vessels and forces the mole to dissolve on its own. Another plus of this method is the exclusion of infection.

Thanks to electrocautery, it is possible to quickly reduce the mole to an acceptable size. The main advantage of the procedure is that almost no scars remain after it. However, there is also a minus - there is a risk of thermal burns on the treated area.

The cryodestruction method gives an excellent result. Due to the effect on the mole with low-temperature nitrogen, the defect dies off and disappears. After applying this method, the affected area quickly regenerates.

Moles and radiotechnological methods are well reduced. In this case, the skin defect is exposed to high-frequency radio waves. With this procedure, the risk of infection is minimized, since the incision site is qualitatively disinfected.

If the mole is very small in size, then you can not resort to radical methods, but try to mask it with a cosmetic product, for example, foundation or powder. It is necessary to evenly apply the product to the mole, trying not to be very noticeable. As a result, the mole will not be so conspicuous or even not noticeable at all.

Important Tips

Do not try to reduce or remove a mole at home. This is dangerous and can lead to blood poisoning or severe bleeding. If the mole does not cause great inconvenience, does not increase in size and does not hurt, then it is better not to touch it.

It is only necessary to carry out the procedure for reducing and removing a mole in hospitals or clinics. It is not recommended to do this in beauty parlors and beauty salons if there are no qualified specialists there: oncologists and dermatologists.

It is equally important to protect the mole from direct sunlight. This way you can reduce the risk of its change and increase, and in the future you will not have to decide how to get rid of the skin defect.

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