What Moles Cannot Be Got Rid Of

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What Moles Cannot Be Got Rid Of
What Moles Cannot Be Got Rid Of

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Moles, and in scientific language - nevi, are present on the body of almost 90% of the world's population. They are dark and light, protruding and flat, harmless and malignant. Some bumps disappear on their own, while others have to be removed.

What moles cannot be got rid of
What moles cannot be got rid of

Safe or dangerous

Moles are dark or light brown skin growths that contain melanocyte cells that produce melanin. There are no congenital nevi, unlike birthmarks. The number of formations depends on the ultraviolet received during the life. Flat tubercles are formed if the root in the skin is closer to the surface, convex - deeper. Some nevi disappear on their own some time after formation.

Only a doctor will be able to answer which moles cannot be removed on their own after an examination, a series of tests. Bumps can be malignant growths. For example, melanoma is a neoplasm containing aggressive cells that divide very quickly, displacing healthy ones. They enter the vascular ducts, spread throughout the body. Reaching a certain organ, such a cell settles and begins to actively divide, poisoning the blood with metastases.

Hanging moles are more common in the armpit, groin, scalp, neck or back. Most often, nevi are safe, but with constant rubbing against clothing, as well as other damage, they can cause unpleasant consequences. You cannot remove moles at home, since the roots of the hanging formations are quite deep. In case of incomplete extraction, a relapse, malignant neoplasm may occur. For painless elimination without consequences, you should consult a specialist.

Iodine, celandine and vinegar

Quite often, traditional medicine suggests using celandine juice to remove moles. The tool can be bought at a pharmacy, prepared by yourself. The juice of this plant is similar in composition to iodine. Prolonged use in a certain area causes a severe burn, which can damage the formation, but not completely remove it. It is even more dangerous to use iodine or vinegar for burning. Drugs that damage the nevus, instead of having a positive effect, can cause skin cancer. That is why you cannot remove moles yourself. An experienced dermatologist will determine the condition, give recommendations on whether to leave or remove the nevus.

The main factors for the appearance of new "guests" on the skin are the sun's rays, artificial tanning, stressful situations. If a mole that appears begins to grow rapidly, change shape, or is constantly injured by clothing, household items, you should urgently contact a specialist for research and medical removal.

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