How To Treat Purulent Acne Under The Beard

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How To Treat Purulent Acne Under The Beard
How To Treat Purulent Acne Under The Beard

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Any pimple is caused by blockage of the sebaceous ducts. Purulent pimples can form on any part of the body, including the chin. Complex treatment of such unpleasant defects is usually required.

Purulent pimples on the chin
Purulent pimples on the chin

The causes of abscesses on the chin

There are various reasons for the appearance of purulent pimples on the chin. For example, their occurrence in adolescence may be due to hormonal disorders. Hyperkeratosis is considered a more serious cause. This disease can even lead to hardening of the stratum corneum. The sebaceous glands are filled with bacteria and, as a result, acne appears.

Often, weakened immunity and stressful conditions affect the occurrence of abscesses on the chin. Also, the defect can be triggered by taking antibiotics.

Treatment of acne at an early stage of development

To begin with, you should consult a dermatologist who can prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Such treatment usually consists in the selection of individual means and procedures.

At the initial stage of the development of pimples on the chin, you can try to get rid of them with ordinary iodine. To do this, lubricate the bumps with iodine several times a day using a cotton swab. This method is often very effective. As a result, acne dries up and pus comes out. The inflammation goes away. Just before starting treatment, make sure that you are not allergic to iodine.

Folk remedies for the treatment of abscesses on the chin

Aloe is considered the most effective folk remedy. This plant has various medicinal properties and is found in almost every home. The aloe leaf should be cut and pulp applied to the pimple on the chin. It should be fixed with an adhesive plaster. This method is considered to be very effective, since acne can disappear within a day.

You can prepare a decoction of bitter wormwood and use it for compresses and lotions. Wormwood juice is recommended to be added to face masks.

Ultrasound or chemical peeling?

Often, special equipment is used to treat pimples on the chin and other parts of the body, which allows ultrasound therapy. As a result, the pores expand and cleanse the sebum. Ultrasound has an anti-inflammatory effect, as a result of which purulent acne heals quickly.

After the examination, a dermatologist may advise you to do a chemical peel. Before carrying out such a procedure, a deep cleaning of the skin from keratinized cells and excess secretions is usually carried out. During the procedure, various acids penetrate the epidermis and act on the foci of inflammation. The result is cleansing of the affected area on the chin from acne.

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