How Long Does Rehabilitation After Rhinoplasty Take?

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How Long Does Rehabilitation After Rhinoplasty Take?
How Long Does Rehabilitation After Rhinoplasty Take?

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Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic nose correction that helps to radically change the shape and proportions. The rehabilitation period after the operation lasts long enough. Failure to follow the doctor's recommendations can lead to negative consequences.

How long does rehabilitation after rhinoplasty take?
How long does rehabilitation after rhinoplasty take?

Stages of rehabilitation after rhinoplasty

The first stage of rehabilitation after rhinoplasty begins immediately after the operation and lasts 7-10 days. The patient experiences painful sensations and corresponding discomfort, since there are tampons inside the nostrils, and a plaster of Paris over the nose. Breathing, eating, washing, brushing your teeth is quite problematic.

Rhinoplasty is performed only for mentally and physically healthy adults. Before rhinoplasty, bone growth should be completely completed. This happens at about age 18.

Also, at the first stage, there is edema, which can go to the cheeks and chin. When the bone is cut, bruising and bruising surrounds the area around the eyes. Experts call this stage of rehabilitation a period of social hermitage. It is difficult for the patient to communicate. Movement is limited to the hospital ward. To avoid thrombosis, the patient is prescribed "Warfarin".

After 10 days, the second stage of the rehabilitation period begins. Remove plaster, internal splints, bandages, stitches. The nostrils are systematically flushed to remove the formed clots. It becomes much easier to breathe. A period of cosmetic recovery begins. After one month, bruises and bruises are completely resolved. The shape of the nose is still deformed, and it is too early to judge the results of rhinoplasty.

If rhinoplasty is necessary for minor citizens, the operation is performed only with the written consent of the parents.

In the third step, the shape of the nose takes the desired shape. It is during this period that many patients begin to think about revision rhinoplasty, but doctors recommend waiting, since the final results of the plastic surgery performed are visible after three to four months.

The final, fourth stage of rehabilitation - this period lasts from 6 to 12 months. At this time, the patient is no longer worried about anything. If the results of the plasty are not satisfactory, the question of reoperation is discussed.

Compliance with all the doctor's recommendations is a guarantee of quick rehabilitation after rhinoplasty

The patient must strictly follow all the doctor's recommendations. This is especially important in the first three stages, which are considered the most difficult. Septoplasty is often performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty. These two operations allow not only to eliminate cosmetic defects, but also to significantly improve the respiratory function, for example, with a deviated nasal septum. Before the operation, the surgeon performs simulations to help the patient evaluate how the nose will look after rhinoplasty.

recommendations during the recovery period are quite simple. You can not drink alcohol, visit the bathhouse, sauna as much as recommended. If you experience discomfort or side symptoms during the rehabilitation period, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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