How To Remove Warts

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How To Remove Warts
How To Remove Warts

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Warts are usually benign skin growths, most often of viral origin. These neoplasms look like a nodule or papilla. Most often, children and adolescents suffer from warts. Infection occurs from person to person and through various household items. Failure to comply with personal hygiene, heavy sweating, micro-trauma to the skin contribute to the development of warts. There are many different ways to remove build-ups.

How to remove warts
How to remove warts


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A high frequency electric current is used to kill the virus and destroy the wart by cauterizing the surrounding tissue. For electrocautery, local anesthesia is used.

Step 2


Neoplasms are treated with liquid nitrogen or dry ice. The procedure is painful, it includes freezing the neoplasm with one of the listed substances.

Step 3

Laser therapy

This is the most effective, modern way to remove warts. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, after which no scars or spots remain.

Step 4

Folk remedies

An infusion or fresh juice of celandine, which needs to be wiped off the growths, will quickly help get rid of this ailment. An equally effective way is to use ordinary ash. Mix the ash with a small amount of water and apply a thick layer on the warts, seal it on top with an ordinary plaster.

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