How To Care For Your Tongue Piercing

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How To Care For Your Tongue Piercing
How To Care For Your Tongue Piercing

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Tongue piercing is a spicy, shocking and at the same time very spectacular decoration, which not everyone decides on. Are you one of the lucky ones? Remember to take proper care of your new toy

How to care for your tongue piercing
How to care for your tongue piercing

The first days after the puncture

Even if you got your tongue pierced in a good salon and almost did not feel pain during the procedure, be prepared for the fact that your tongue will swell on the second day. As a rule, swelling and soreness disappear after about a week, however, depending on individual characteristics and care, this period can be longer or shorter. So, what should you do to make the hole heal faster? For the first two weeks, it is recommended to regularly rinse your mouth with special antibacterial agents diluted with water. However, you should not get carried away with this. The fact is that in the oral cavity there are useful enzymes that contribute to the rapid healing of wounds, and excessive use of antiseptics can destroy them.

Cold compresses can help reduce swelling and soreness. Rinsing your mouth with cold water or keeping ice on your tongue for a while will help reduce sensitivity and speed up the swelling. A little secret - cough drops. This simple remedy has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects at the same time and will help you cope with the most unpleasant symptoms of the first days after a puncture. It is recommended to dissolve them until the wound on the tongue heals completely. For the entire period of wound healing, coarse, too hot, spicy, salty or pickled foods should be avoided. It's also better to talk less.

Second and third week after puncture

During this period, the swelling has already subsided and you can change the bar to a shorter one. However, you should not do this on your own - you can infect or accidentally damage the still delicate puncture site, which will provoke new edema. Ask the specialist who made the puncture for you to change the jewelry, he will cope with the task in the most qualified way. Now that the swelling has subsided and you almost do not feel pain, there is a temptation to play with the jewelry or twist it inside the hole - this cannot be done. Firstly, the wound has not yet completely healed and you should not disturb it once again, and, secondly, you can bring an infection inside, which is highly undesirable.

Also, during the entire healing period of the tongue piercing, various microbes should be avoided into the oral cavity: do not gnaw seeds and candies, leave nails, burrs and pens alone, and do not have oral sex. All of these, no doubt, enjoyable activities, you can return to when your piercing is completely healed.

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