How To Straighten Your Nose

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How To Straighten Your Nose
How To Straighten Your Nose

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As long as humanity exists, so many people want to be beautiful. For this, everything that is possible is used - and cosmetics, and fashionable clothes, elegant shoes, visage and complex hairstyles. Many even decide to take drastic measures, resorting to plastic surgery. One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries is rhinoplasty. If you want to straighten your nose, these are a few tips that will come in handy.

Celebrities are the first to change the shape of the nose
Celebrities are the first to change the shape of the nose

It is necessary

You will need a good plastic surgeon to reshape your nose


Step 1

Start by choosing a clinic. Browse the internet for reviews of different beauty establishments and their staff. On the Internet, people usually express themselves more freely and on the forums you can glean a lot of useful information.

Step 2

When you decide on the choice of a clinic, go for a consultation. At the consultation, be sure to look at the album with photographs of patients taken before and after the operation. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the surgeon.

Step 3

Decide exactly on the new shape of your nose. The surgeon must know in all details what kind of nose he will have to "sculpt" on your face.

Step 4

Before the operation, be sure to pass the admission examination. Contraindications: severe diseases of internal organs, poor blood clotting, chronic diseases, topical respiratory diseases and mental disorders.

Step 5

So, you are healthy and have decided on an operation. Rhinoplasty surgery can take 45 minutes or several hours. The more difficult the task, the longer the operation lasts.

Step 6

After the operation, you will need to go through a short postoperative period and wait for the swelling to subside. This completes the process of straightening the nose.

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