How To Stop Snoring

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How To Stop Snoring
How To Stop Snoring

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Snoring is a very unpleasant phenomenon that causes discomfort both to the one who snores and to those who are next to him at this time and cannot fall asleep because of the flooded "trills". The worst thing is that snoring can develop over time into apnea syndrome, a disease that can lead to respiratory arrest during sleep and death. There are many ways to get rid of this problem. Someone just needs to lose weight, others have to learn to change their usual position in a dream, some are helped by special exercises.

How to stop snoring
How to stop snoring


Step 1

Those who are used to sleeping on their backs snore especially often. Indeed, in this position the tongue sinks. In this case, you will have to get out of the habit of sleeping in a similar position. A regular tennis ball will help. Place it in the pocket sewn to your pajamas at the shoulder blades. When in a dream you want to roll over onto your back, the ball will get in the way, and you will again lie down on your side or stomach.

Step 2

You can give the body the correct position with the help of special orthopedic pillows, buy a similar one. She raises her head so that it is parallel to the spine. There are also medical beds: their upper part rises. And when the head and upper half of the body are slightly raised, the tongue does not sink, the mucous membrane of the pharynx does not swell, therefore, the person snores less.

Step 3

It happens that snoring is caused not by an incorrect position during sleep, but by certain defects of an anatomical nature. Then rhinoplasty may be recommended to improve breathing through the nose or removal of the tonsils. Less drastic is the use of special stickers that are attached to the wings of the nose before bed. Contact a specialist, he will tell you which method to use in your case. There are homeopathic medicines in the form of tablets and drops that strengthen the muscles of the larynx.

Step 4

Pharmacies sell special intraoral snoring devices. They are somewhat similar to baby nipples and fix the tongue in the correct position. Such devices are especially effective for snoring caused by the posterior displacement of the lower jaw.

Step 5

You can try doing special exercises that can help you beat snoring. Exercises should be performed every morning and evening, 30 times. Stick your tongue out as far forward and downward as possible. Hold in this position for 1-2 seconds. Press firmly on your chin with your hand and move your lower jaw back and forth. Grip the pencil firmly with your teeth and hold for 3 minutes.

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