How To Remove Lipoma

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How To Remove Lipoma
How To Remove Lipoma

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Lipoma is a tumor that develops from adipose tissue. Most often, lipomas are from one to five centimeters in size. They can also be large in size from ten or more centimeters, but this is rare. Lipoma is diagnosed based on the clinical picture and examination. Most often, it is located in places inaccessible for inspection. For example, in the spinal canal. Therefore, ultrasound, X-ray and tomography are additionally used.

How to remove lipoma
How to remove lipoma


Step 1

Trying to get rid of lipoma with traditional medicine will not be beneficial. Its resorption does not occur by itself, and self-diagnosis is dangerous. For an ordinary wen, you can take a serious education, a delay in the treatment of which can end in dire consequences.

Step 2

The only way to cope with the wen is to surgically remove it along with the capsule. Incomplete or unprofessional removal leads to relapses of the disease. If the lipoma is large, or it is located next to important organs, thereby squeezing and disrupting their work, or there are cosmetic defects, then these are all indications for surgery. Fats of large sizes and those located in hard-to-reach places are removed under anesthesia. Sometimes hospitalization is required for a couple of days.

Step 3

Before the operation, you need to pass tests: a general blood test, HIV, it is possible on the day of treatment.

Step 4

Small lipomas can be removed with radio waves under local anesthesia. This method has a number of advantages: the operation is bloodless and painless, there are no postoperative complications, for example, tissue edema, postoperative infections, and various suppurations. The rehabilitation period is as short as possible, and full recovery occurs on the fourth or fifth day after the operation. The wound heals without scarring as no stitches are required. After 20 minutes after the procedure, you can go home, thus the patient's performance is not disturbed. With the help of a radio knife, fatty formations are removed along with the membrane, which gives a guarantee against the recurrence of the lipoma in this place.

Step 5

Removal of lipomas is also possible by puncture-aspiration method. In which a needle with a lumen is inserted into the tumor itself, and with the help of an electric suction all the contents are removed. After this method, no cosmetic defects remain on the skin, no stitches are required, and you can go home in fifteen minutes. The only drawback of this method is that the lipoma, which has a fibrous component, cannot be removed.

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