How To Remove A Wen With A Laser

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How To Remove A Wen With A Laser
How To Remove A Wen With A Laser

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Fat (lipoma) is a benign tumor also called a connective tumor. Most often, it appears in the loose subcutaneous connective tissue. A wen is removed if it causes pain or is a severe cosmetic defect.

How to remove a wen with a laser
How to remove a wen with a laser


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Fat can appear for the following reasons: blockage of the sebaceous glands, malnutrition, metabolic disorders, negative effects of environmental factors, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal disorders, hyperhidrosis. They most often develop in women between the ages of 30 and 50. In women, lipomas often appear on the body, and in men, on the face. It is impossible to get rid of a wen with conservative methods of treatment. Neither medicines nor folk remedies will help. The disease can only be treated with surgery.

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There is a small chance of lipoma degenerating into a malignant tumor, so doctors recommend removing the neoplasm. Most often, the operation is performed using a laser. Such interventions are less traumatic and do not cause complications. Indications for lipoma removal are: cosmetic defect, soreness, tumor enlargement, functional disorders (for example, when the tumor is located on the moving part of the arm). Due to the high precision of the laser beam, it removes the fatty deposits on the face, eyelids, under the eyes, and on the lips.

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Laser lipoma removal is a painless and bloodless surgical method. At the same time, neighboring tissues are not injured, complications and relapses are excluded, the procedure is quick, and there are no scars left after it. Sometimes after the operation, there is a slight increase in body temperature. Contraindications to laser removal of a wen are: pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, cancer, herpesvirus infection, inflammatory diseases, immunodeficiency. Do not perform surgery during menstruation.

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Before the operation, they donate blood and urine for analysis, undergo additional examinations as prescribed by a doctor. Laser removal of the wen is performed under local anesthesia. The skin is cut with a special laser scalpel. A carbon dioxide laser is most often used to remove lipomas. The instrument simultaneously makes an incision and solders the vessels, so there is no blood loss. Then the edges of the wound are parted, the wen is removed along with the capsule. The procedure takes about 20 minutes. After the operation is completed, a bandage is applied to the wound. In order not to accumulate fluid, in some cases, after removing the lipoma, drainage is used. After laser removal, the reappearance of a wen in this place is excluded.

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