How To Cure Lipomas

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How To Cure Lipomas
How To Cure Lipomas

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Lipoma is a benign tumor from adipose tissue, which is popularly called a wen and does not pose a health hazard. Lipoma can form on the skin, adipose tissue and connective tissue. The causes of this type of tumor are not known.

How to cure lipomas
How to cure lipomas

It is necessary

  • - injections;
  • - plant leaf golden mustache;
  • - eggs;
  • - cinnamon.


Step 1

Fats vary in density. The deeper it is, the denser it is. In most cases, a lipoma appears under the skin and is a motionless, soft mass that does not cause pain. It can occur on any part of the body where fatty tissue is present: on the face, arm, leg, back, head, etc.

Step 2

Tumors are of different types. Capsulated lipoma occurs as a result of the proliferation of adipose tissue inside the capsule of an organ. Dense and fibrous lipomas are characterized by pronounced connective tissue development. Soft lipoma has a soft consistency. With a painful lipoma, there is not one, but several tumors that can cause discomfort. A ring-shaped lipoma forms on and around the neck. Diffuse lipoma, unlike other types, does not have a connective tissue sheath. A dendritic lipoma is endowed with processes and arises inside the joint. Cavernous lipoma (angiolipoma) has a large number of vessels. The petrified lipoma has a dense consistency with calcium deposition. Bone tissue develops inside the ossified lipoma.

Step 3

You can get rid of a wen by resorting to traditional medicine, as well as folk remedies. Doctors remove lipoma in two ways: by injecting medicine into the tumor or by surgery.

Step 4

If the size of a wen does not exceed 3 cm in diameter, it is pierced with a thin needle, through which a special drug is injected, which promotes resorption of the tumor. The result appears after 2 months. The effectiveness of this method is 80%.

Step 5

Small tumors are surgically removed under local anesthesia. If the lipoma is large, general anesthesia is used, and the patient spends 1-2 days in the hospital.

Step 6

You can also get rid of the wen using well-known folk methods. Cut off a fresh leaf of a houseplant, a golden mustache and knead it. Apply to the tumor, cover with plastic wrap, put 2 layers of cotton cloth over it and secure with a plaster. Change the dressing after 12 hours. The course of treatment is 12 days.

Step 7

Place chicken eggs on the lipoma. On the first day, redness and swelling may appear. When they subside, remove the old tape and apply a new one. The process must be repeated several times until the tumor has resolved.

Step 8

Cinnamon helps get rid of lipoma. You will need to grind it and eat 1.5 tablespoons of the powder daily until the tumor disappears.

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