What To Do If There Are Wen On The Face

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What To Do If There Are Wen On The Face
What To Do If There Are Wen On The Face

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Fat is a formation of dense fat under the skin. Each person has a wen formed in its own way. However, all formations can increase in size over time. Fats can appear on the skin not only once, but also many times. They are not dangerous formations, but if they are located in the area of ​​the face, they bring aesthetic inconvenience.


What is a wen

Having found a wen under the skin, many often begin to associate it with cancer. However, the causes of the appearance of wen have nothing to do with oncology. That is, a wen, or, as it is called in medicine, a lipoma, of course, is a tumor, but only a benign one. A fatty tissue is an accumulation of fat that is separated from the surrounding tissue by a thin membrane.

Removal of a wen

Often, when the wen is small, a person confuses it with a common pimple and tries to squeeze it out. With this formation, such actions should not be carried out, since an infection can get into the wen. The result will be a relapse and a scar that is difficult to treat normally.

At an early stage, it is necessary to introduce a special drug into the formation, which has a resorbing effect. If the wen is large in diameter, then it is recommended to get rid of it urgently. For this, the following methods of exposure are used:

- radio wave;

- laser;

- surgical;

- puncture and aspiration.

Each method has its own pros and cons. Which one is suitable for the patient is decided by the doctor with the help of an examination. You can try to cure fat at home without resorting to radical methods.

Self-treatment of wen

It is possible to treat a wen on your own if the formations themselves are examined for an oncological predisposition in a good clinic. If the wen is not too large, then you can safely remove it at home.

To dry the formation, you need to take a tincture based on alcohol or boric acid. Salicylic alcohol, sold in ampoules, is also suitable, which makes it easier to work with. Fats will need to be wiped twice per duck. Preferably in the morning and evening. This method is ideal for small formations around the eyes.

To remove the wen, you can try to pierce it and squeeze it out. This procedure is not very pleasant, but effective. This will require a new needle, alcohol or vodka, and a healing ointment. First, the needle is immersed in alcohol, then it is calcined and the wen is removed. After that, the area where the formation was, is treated with alcohol. After it dries, it is smeared with ointment. At first there will be redness on the skin, but it will go away within two days.

Moxibustion is a long but good way. You need to buy an iodine solution and cauterize the area around the wen twice a day. If the solution is applied directly to the formation, it can cause a burn.

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