Fats Under The Skin: Causes, Methods Of Struggle

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Fats Under The Skin: Causes, Methods Of Struggle
Fats Under The Skin: Causes, Methods Of Struggle

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Fat on the human body is a soft formation that forms under the skin layer. This defect does not pose a serious danger to the body, but it violates the aesthetic appearance.

Fats under the skin: causes, methods of struggle
Fats under the skin: causes, methods of struggle

Why do wen appear?

The main reason for the formation of wen under the skin is the growth of adipose tissue, therefore, areas of accumulation of subcutaneous fat are considered common places. As a rule, they are small in size, but sometimes they can grow, so they start to get in the way. Also leads to the appearance of neoplasms:

- the use of harmful products;

- unstable food;

- slagging of the body.

The appearance of a skin defect does not depend on the age or gender of the person. Despite the fact that they are completely painless when pressed and may not manifest themselves for a long time, it is recommended to remove them. In rare cases, the mutation process begins, which leads to various complications.

How to remove a subcutaneous wen?

Finding a wen on the body leads to self-removal at home. Of course, you should first show the neoplasm to a specialist in order to exclude the presence of a serious disease. It is better to entrust the procedure to an experienced doctor and follow his recommendations.

In stationary conditions, you can get rid of a wen under the skin by moxibustion. Of course, after such a procedure, a small scar remains, so it should not be used to eliminate neoplasms on the face and open parts of the body. In this case, a special injection is recommended, with the help of which there is a rapid resorption of fat and elimination of the sebaceous ball.

Fats of large sizes do not lend themselves to such a procedure, so they are removed surgically or using a laser. The first method involves local or general anesthesia, scarring, and a long wound healing process. The laser method is most popular for the treatment of skin diseases, as it takes a short amount of time and does not pose a threat to the body.

After consulting a dermatologist, you can use traditional medicine:

- fresh celandine juice;

- gruel from garlic and vegetable oil;

- a compress of callis leaves or golden mustache.

After burning the wen, it is necessary to apply a compress using Vishnevsky's ointment, as a result of which the greasy contents quickly come out. Further, it is recommended to disinfect the wound and attach an aloe leaf for further healing.

Thus, if the fat does not interfere and does not change in size, it may not be removed. The appearance of painful sensations and an obvious cosmetic problem requires an immediate visit to a specialist to choose the most optimal method.

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