What To Do With An Ingrown Toenail

What To Do With An Ingrown Toenail
What To Do With An Ingrown Toenail

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Improper nail trimming, increased growth in width, and tight shoes can cause it to grow into the skin. By penetrating into the lateral ridges, the nail causes inflammation and often leads to tissue infection. Therefore, at the first painful sensations, it is better to immediately prevent the development of this process.

What to do with an ingrown toenail
What to do with an ingrown toenail

Damaging the periungual roller, an ingrown nail causes quite painful sensations. This is especially true when walking. Therefore, in order not to injure the skin near him once again, give preference to wide and soft shoes during the treatment. And also carry out daily therapeutic measures to restore the integrity of tissues.

To soften an ingrown toenail and the skin around it, use a foot soak. It helps to relieve painful sensations and favors further manipulations. Add peppermint oil, chamomile decoction, or regular table salt to it.

After the nail has softened, gently pry up the ingrown edge. Despite the fact that it is not recommended to cut off the lateral surface of the nail, this is a forced measure for the period of skin healing, since its tight fit to the periungual roller will not allow the tissues to recover. Cut off no more than one millimeter from the ingrowth side of the nail. Be sure to file the cut edge so that it is not sharp.

Next, treat the damaged skin with 3% hydrogen peroxide or furacilin solution. If there is no purulent discharge from under the nail, apply or drip any anti-inflammatory agent - a piece of aloe leaf cut in half (with the pulp to the skin) or a lotion from a concentrated decoction of chamomile, calendula. Fix with a bandage and remove after 2-3 hours.

If pus is released from under the ingrown nail, then after bathing and treating the skin, gently pry it off and pour powdered tablets into the resulting pocket), or apply Vishnevsky's ointment. These funds do an excellent job with purulent inflammation and promote rapid healing. Since the ointment has a peculiar smell, do it at night, and use streptocide powder during the day.

Perform these procedures daily. In the morning - skin treatment and lotion from aloe leaf or in the form of drops (with suppuration streptocide). In the evening - a foot bath, treatment and also an anti-inflammatory lotion (for suppuration - Vishnevsky's ointment).

Be sure to keep an eye on the growth of your nail. To avoid its subsequent ingrowth, do regular foot baths. Lubricate the cuticle, periungual rollers and the nail plate with an emollient. Trim the nail correctly - in a straight line, and then be sure to grind its edge.

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