How To Get Rid Of A Wart On Your Finger

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How To Get Rid Of A Wart On Your Finger
How To Get Rid Of A Wart On Your Finger

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Warts are benign growths that are caused by papilloma viruses. If the warts are not removed and their growth is not stopped, then they can spread throughout the body, and also, if the wart itself is damaged, degenerate into a malignant neoplasm. There are many methods to get rid of this phenomenon.

How to get rid of a wart on your finger
How to get rid of a wart on your finger

It is necessary

  • - consultation with a dermatologist
  • - celandine juice
  • - scribble pencil
  • -onion
  • -honey
  • -cement
  • - sour apples
  • -bananas
  • Dandelions
  • -ammonia
  • -vinegar
  • -potatoes


Step 1

The most effective and safest method for getting rid of warts is medical removal. For removal, the most modern and painless technologies are used, which include laser burning, electrocoagulation, cryotherapy or, in extreme cases, surgical excision. These methods remove not only the upper layer of the neoplasm, but also the roots. All medical methods of removal give a 100% result of removing warts, they will not leave visible scars, scars and a dangerous infection will not get into the wound.

Step 2

There are also many folk remedies for wart removal. But, unfortunately, they do not guarantee 100% of the result, they need to be used for a long time and an infection can get into the blood. Therefore, before using traditional methods, it is necessary to weigh everything well and consult a doctor.

Step 3

You can use folk methods for removing warts by smearing the affected area with ordinary cement. To do this, take dry cement, wet your finger, dip it in cement and rub it into the wart. Repeat several times.

Step 4

You can also use lotions made from sour apple juice, tie baked onions, baked onions with honey, potato juice, banana peels, rub in dandelion juice, rub with ammonia, drip 70% vinegar, etc. But, as mentioned above, all these methods do not guarantee the removal of the wart and can only harm.

Step 5

From pharmacy methods, you can use celandine juice, which in its pure form must be dripped onto the wart or with a lapis pencil, which must be moistened and smeared with the wart.

Step 6

In order to prevent the appearance and spread of warts, it is necessary to do a general improvement of the whole body and strengthen the immune system. To improve the body, you should drink a course of the vitamin and mineral complex, temper, lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits. To strengthen the immune system, you need to consult a therapist, since it is very dangerous to interfere with the immune system on your own. Also, the doctor may prescribe a course of antiviral therapy.

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