How To Clean Your Ears Properly

How To Clean Your Ears Properly
How To Clean Your Ears Properly

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Since the child is not able to clean his ears by himself, this responsibility must be assumed by the parents before growing up. This is becoming a major problem as most children refuse to clean their ears outright.

How to clean your ears properly
How to clean your ears properly

If the child is a baby, then you need to try to calm him down or distract him with something, but if the child has already grown up, then it would be good for him to explain why it is important to regularly clean his ears, or try to translate everything into a game. If you do not clean your ears, a sulfur plug can form, which will impair your hearing and cause discomfort in your ears. As a rule, the child's ears need to be cleaned after bathing, with a cotton wick, it is possible with oil, pulling the auricle up and back. You only need to clean the outer ear to avoid damaging the inner ear. Be sure to check with your child's therapist before cleaning your child's ears.

Dogs and cats, like a child, are not able to clean their own ears, and this must be done by their owners. Due to the dirt in the ears, the pet may experience ear pain and hearing impairment. It is known that in many cases the same symptoms can be observed even when a tick has settled in the ears of a dog or cat. In this case, just regular ear cleansing is not enough, as you will not be able to completely eliminate the cause of the ear pain. In addition, over time, each ear cleaning will be a very painful procedure for the animal. In order to fight ear mites, special drops can be purchased at veterinary pharmacies. True, when they get into the ears of an animal, they cause some pain. This reaction is due to the fact that the drops contain a highly active substance that should kill the tick.

To clean your dog's ears, you will need:

  • Cotton wool or cotton swab
  • Oil or ear lotion for dogs.
  1. Dip a cotton swab or cotton swab in ear lotion.
  2. Wipe your outer ear first
  3. Gently clean your dog's ear curls.
  4. Never use hydrogen peroxide as ear lotion. Using it can cause burns.
  5. If you see the remains of the tick's vital activity in the ear, then you need to take care of giving your pet a course of treatment.
  6. Buy ear drops for ticks from your veterinarian.
  7. Pay attention to the expiration date of the drops.
  8. Before each instillation, the ears of the animal must be thoroughly cleaned so that the active substance better penetrates the ear. Following the instructions, bury the ears within the period indicated on the package.

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