How To Put On And Take Off Your Lenses

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How To Put On And Take Off Your Lenses
How To Put On And Take Off Your Lenses

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Now very many people have problems with visual acuity. But not everyone agrees to wear glasses. Contact lenses have become a way out of this situation. But what is the correct way to put them on and take off?

How to put on and take off your lenses
How to put on and take off your lenses


Step 1

Contact lenses may only be worn or removed with clean hands. Wash your hands under running water. Dry them with a lint-free towel. If you do not observe all these precautions, then the risk of infection in the eyes will increase several tens of times.

Step 2

Shake the blister carefully before opening. Peel back the foil from its back. After that, pour the liquid along with the lens onto the palm of your hand. You can also remove the lens with your index finger. Place it on the pad of one of the fingers of your right hand, preferably on your index finger. Now you need to make sure that the lens, if it is soft, is not turned inside out. Next, inspect the lens, note the degree of its cleanliness and the presence of mechanical damage.

Step 3

After making sure that everything is in order with her, you can begin to proceed directly to putting on. To do this, pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger of your right hand. Then look up to the ceiling. Place the lens very carefully below the pupil on the white part of the eye. Then remove your index finger from the lens.

Step 4

For the most accurate lens alignment, look down to the floor. The pulled lower eyelid can be gently released. Close your eyes briefly. This will contribute to a better fit of the lens. The criterion by which you can determine the correct fit is the improvement in visual acuity. Now repeat all the above steps with the other lens.

Step 5

In order to remove the lens, you need to lift your eyes up. Then pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger. Place the pad of your index finger on the bottom edge of the lens. Gently slide the lens sideways or downward. Then, gently squeeze it between your index finger and thumb. Take it off your eye. After that, if it is one day, then throw it away. And if the lens is worn for a long time, then clean it and put it in a special solution.

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