How To Reduce Leg Swelling

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How To Reduce Leg Swelling
How To Reduce Leg Swelling

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Swelling is not only caused by a large amount of fluid in the body. In fact, humans are 70% water. If it accumulates in cells above the norm, then something contributes to this. Therefore, before treating leg swelling, consult your doctors to find out the cause of their occurrence.

How to reduce leg swelling
How to reduce leg swelling

It is necessary

  • - sea salt;
  • - Apple vinegar.


Step 1

Swelling often occurs in heat. The body thus reacts to external conditions and, just in case, creates a certain reserve of moisture. Do not limit the usual amount of water consumed at this moment. The swelling will not disappear, but on the contrary will only worsen.

Step 2

Drink plenty of water during the summer. In a healthy person, excess moisture always comes out through sweat. Limit your intake of salt, fatty and smoked foods. Drink green, herbal tea, eat berries (best of all, watermelons), fruits, baked potatoes, dairy products, beans and celery.

Step 3

Pour warm water into a bucket and dissolve three hundred grams of table or sea salt in it. Lower your legs there and sit like this for about half an hour. The salt bath will help to extract water from the cellular tissue, and the swelling will noticeably subside after the first procedure.

Step 4

Put your feet on a slight elevation and stay in this position for at least a little. Due to the force of gravity, there will be a slight outflow of fluid from tired legs, and their volume will decrease right before our eyes.

Step 5

Take a contrast shower. This will increase blood circulation and improve the health of your legs. But only pour over them, not the whole body. Finish with cool water and air dry.

Step 6

Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the water, soak a cloth in this solution, and wipe your feet with it. This remedy is only suitable for people who have not previously experienced an allergic reaction to apple cider vinegar. Do not use vinegar essence, as it does not have the desired effect.

Step 7

Buy a cream to relieve puffiness in your legs at the pharmacy. Use it every night. Apply with light massage movements, rubbing lightly into the skin. Basically, such products contain menthol. It improves blood flow and reduces swelling as a result.

Step 8

Do not get carried away with diuretics without first consulting your doctor. If you take diuretics without prescription, you can provoke dehydration. And this is fraught with even more serious consequences.

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