How To Relieve Leg Swelling At Home With A Compress

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How To Relieve Leg Swelling At Home With A Compress
How To Relieve Leg Swelling At Home With A Compress

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Swelling of the legs is a problem for many women and men, causing not only unpleasant sensations when walking, standing for a long time in one place, but also inconvenience when wearing tight shoes. Edema appears for various reasons, and not only in pregnant women or patients with obesity, cardiovascular diseases. Getting rid of them is not so easy, especially in the heat, when you want to constantly drink. However, with the help of compresses, puffiness can still be reduced, and if you do such procedures regularly, the problem will not bother you much.

Potatoes, cabbage
Potatoes, cabbage

When the legs swell, people are ready to try any means to reduce discomfort, pain, and relieve pronounced symptoms. And in this they are helped by the application of potatoes, cabbage, salt, baking soda. Such home compresses are very effective, the main thing is to apply the fabric correctly, to keep the prepared mass for the required amount of time.

Potato compress

It's easy to do. Required:

  • wash and peel a couple of potatoes;
  • grate the tubers on a fine grater;
  • spread the gruel on the swollen areas of the legs;
  • wrap the shins with a thick cloth or cling film.

You need to keep a potato compress on swollen legs for about an hour, then it remains to unwind and remove the bandage, rinse off the remnants with warm water. Usually, two or three treatments each evening are sufficient.

Cabbage compress

This method relieves not only the swelling of the legs, but also the whole body. You need to do the following:

  • wash the dense cabbage leaf with water;
  • on one side, make shallow cuts with a knife so that cabbage juice stands out;
  • attach the sheet to the desired places, wrap with a cloth.

You need to keep the cabbage compress for at least 20 minutes, then just remove the leaf from the skin. The minimum course of attachments is 5-6 days.

Folk remedy for edema in the legs
Folk remedy for edema in the legs

Salt compress

Making a compress with salt is a snap:

  • pour cold water into a 10-liter bucket from the tap;
  • dissolve a pack of ordinary rock salt in water;
  • moisten a terry towel in saline solution, squeeze;
  • attach a towel to the lumbar and kidney area, wrap with a cloth so that it does not fall off.

There must be at least ten such sessions for half an hour in order for the compress to benefit the body.

Soda compress

Applying with baking soda also has a beneficial effect on swelling, reducing them in 2-3 sessions.It is necessary to prepare a solution for the compress:

  • pour half a glass of strongly brewed tea;
  • dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in it;
  • stir the liquid, moisten a thin cloth in it;
  • put it on swollen parts of the body for 20 minutes.

It is allowed to alternate compresses, making potato first, the next day - soda or salt. You also need to follow a diet, do not drink alcohol, move more, wear comfortable shoes.

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