How To Deal With Leg Swelling

How To Deal With Leg Swelling
How To Deal With Leg Swelling

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Almost every woman has come across the fact that the most comfortable shoes by the evening suddenly become tight. This happens especially often when you are on your feet all day. However, the shoes are not to blame, the fluid is to blame, which is incorrectly distributed inside our body.

How to deal with leg swelling
How to deal with leg swelling

Today we will talk about leg swelling - why it appears and how to deal with it.

Why and why

Puffiness occurs due to a violation of the water-salt balance, which can be caused by various diseases: cardiovascular, gout, varicose veins, etc. Therefore, if the swelling appears constantly, it is necessary first of all to pay a visit to the doctor.

We will talk about the puffiness that occurs from ordinary fatigue and which can be successfully dealt with at home with the help of traditional medicine.

Unusual compresses

Another effective method for relieving edema is a potato compress. This compress will require 2-3 small potatoes. Directly in the peel, without peeling, they must be thoroughly washed and grated on a coarse grater. Next, you should overlay the feet with the resulting gruel and fix it with a bandage. To prevent the bandage from slipping, you can put on cotton socks on top.

Another very effective compress can be made from fresh cabbage. To do this, you need to remove the large upper leaves from the head, gently crumple them in your hands - so that they give juice - and wrap your feet with these leaves. You can also attach the leaves to your legs with a bandage or socks. You can keep these compresses on your legs for as long as you like, ideally they should be done at night.

As easy as pie

The easiest way to make a foot bath is made from sea salt. The usual iodized one is also suitable, and if it was not at hand - a simple cookery or even a stone one.

In order to prepare such a bath, warm water must be poured into a large container - at least three liters. The water level should be such that when the feet are lowered into it, water does not spill over the edge of the container. The water temperature should be pleasant, but not high, no more than 37-38 degrees. Next, you need to stir thoroughly until 3 tablespoons of salt is completely dissolved in this water and immediately lower your feet into it. The desired duration of the procedure is at least 20 minutes.

Are you tired? Legs up!

If you have spent a lot of time on your feet and are very tired, do not rush to lie down when you come home. At first, walk a little, no more than five minutes, barefoot. At the same time, alternate walking on a full foot with walking on tiptoes: two steps on a full foot, two steps on tiptoe. After that, you can lie down, but not just, but upside down. Lie on a chair or sofa facing the wall and lift your legs along it as high as possible. Ideally, your legs should be at right angles to your body. Lie down like this for 15-20 minutes, then dip your feet into the herbal bath, which we will discuss below. If there is no such opportunity or time, just rinse your feet with cool water and apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream on them.

Herbs for tired feet

The best soaps for swollen and tired feet are herbal. They can be made on the basis of chamomile, mint, nettle, birch leaves, field horsetail, yarrow or any combination of them. The more of these herbs you use to prepare the bath, the faster and better its effect will be. The proportions in which the herbs will be taken are insignificant, even the smallest fraction of each will give up all its useful substances and enhance the effect of other components.

To prepare the herbal infusion, pour the herbs into a container (for example, into a saucepan) and pour boiling water over it. Do not spare the herbs: the more raw materials there are, the better the bath will be. The container must be covered with a lid and left for at least 20 minutes, then poured into a basin (along with herbs) and diluted with clean water at room temperature to the required volume. Lower your pelvis to your feet for 20-30 minutes.

Ice massage

If there is ice in your refrigerator, chop it finely and let it melt a little to remove the sharp edges. Put on tight gloves or mittens on your hands, put ice in your hand and massage your feet with it. If it is difficult to massage two feet at once, do it in turn.

The ideal ice for such a massage is a frozen decoction or herbal infusion. Which ones, we wrote above. By the way, you can freeze the infusion that was used for the bath. Strain the infusion before freezing.

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