What To Do If Your Nipples Have Long Hair

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What To Do If Your Nipples Have Long Hair
What To Do If Your Nipples Have Long Hair

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Excessive hair growth in the nipple area can be caused by a hormonal imbalance in a woman's body, endocrine disorders and other equally serious reasons.

What to do if your nipples have long hair
What to do if your nipples have long hair

Why long, coarse hair appears on the nipples

Hirsutism is an overgrowth of thermal hair. If hard and long hair has appeared in the nipple area, it is more of a cosmetic problem that can be dealt with using affordable methods.

Unfortunately, the growth of hair in the nipple area is only a consequence of a more serious medical condition. The most common causes of hirsutism are polycystic ovary syndrome, adrenal cortex dysfunction, tumors in the ovaries or adrenal glands, obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and diseases that cause a significant increase in cortisol levels.

Often the reason for the appearance of hair in the nipple area is the intake of anabolic steroids, glucocorticosteroids, interferons, cyclosporins. When examining for hirsutism, a woman should inform the gynecologist-endocrinologist about all medications that she has been taking or is taking at the moment.

Rarely enough, hair in the nipple area grows due to idiopathic hirsutism. In this case, medicine cannot give an accurate definition of the increased sensitivity of hair follicles to androgens.

How to get rid of long nipple hair

You can get rid of nipple hair directly at a beauty salon. You will receive laser or electric hair removal. Do not pull, pluck, cut, or shave off your nipple hair yourself.

Remember, thermal hair is very coarse and if removed incorrectly, you can injure the delicate skin of the nipple. In addition, after depilation, you must carefully process the place from which you removed your hair. This will help avoid negative consequences in the form of inflammation and suppuration.

To prevent hair from appearing in the nipple area again, your doctor will prescribe hormones to help eliminate excess androgens and normalize estrogen levels.

It is possible to take any pharmaceutical preparations that help to normalize the hormonal background only as directed by a doctor, who will be based on the results of a medical examination. Self-medication does not give the desired results and can be hazardous to health.

After the course of treatment, you will be prescribed a second examination. If the level of androgens does not exceed the maximum permissible values, the treatment is considered successful. Some women have to take medications throughout their lives to help normalize hormones.

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