How To Help With An Itchy Rash Or Skin Irritation

How To Help With An Itchy Rash Or Skin Irritation
How To Help With An Itchy Rash Or Skin Irritation

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There are many types of skin rashes, characteristic of various diseases - allergies, chickenpox, furunculosis, etc. Treatment should be carried out in a complex, with the use of external agents and drugs taken orally.

How to help with an itchy rash or skin irritation
How to help with an itchy rash or skin irritation

Skin rashes are of several types - blisters, large blisters filled with fluid, abscesses, nodules, spotty rashes (reddish or yellow). A rash is also distinguished by localization. There is a small rash covering the whole body, causing dry skin, pustular itchy rashes, prickly heat, red, with severe itching, blisters, and scaly plaques. They cause a lot of anxiety, do not allow you to lead your usual way of life.

Any disease accompanied by an itchy rash should be diagnosed by a doctor. Only he can prescribe treatment. However, if the appointment is not soon, and the rash is haunted, you can try to soothe the itching with drugs sold at any pharmacy.

A fairly effective remedy for an itchy rash is Fenistil gel. It is made on the basis of dimetindene. This drug copes not only with allergic skin itching, but also with dermatosis and even eczema. You need to treat the rash three times a day, rubbing the gel until it is completely absorbed.

A skin rash that itches a lot is very often caused by a bacterial infection. For its treatment, antibiotic ointments are prescribed. When large areas of the skin are affected, antibiotics are prescribed not only as an external agent, but also in tablets.

An itchy rash can be a sign of neurosis. In this case, it is necessary to consult not only a dermatologist, but also a neuropsychiatrist. Very often, if the cause of the stress is eliminated, the rash goes away on its own without any treatment.

Shilajit is considered an excellent home remedy for itchy rashes. It should be diluted with water in a 1: 100 ratio and moistened with damaged skin.

In hot weather, a rash may appear, which in the common people is called "sweaty sweat". Moreover, it occurs not only in children, but also in adults (most often in the groin area). You can fight it with folk remedies - a decoction of chamomile, string, bay leaf. This will help relieve itching and reduce breakouts.

If your skin rash is caused by an allergy, then you need to take antihistamines and remove the allergen. This is difficult if the rash appears as a reaction to flowering plants in late spring or summer. In this case, it is worth consulting with an allergist, who will prescribe the drug for constant use during this period.

Lotions with chamomile decoction will help relieve itching and soothe irritation. The broth should be thick enough - for a liter of water, half a pack of chamomile inflorescences.

With itchy skin, try not to scratch the inflamed areas. This can intensify the burning sensation and spread the infection over the entire surface of the skin. Ordinary brilliant green will help reduce itching. It dries out the skin and has good antibacterial properties.

It is very important not to delay your visit to the doctor. Diseases such as scabies, shingles, rubella, chickenpox, some types of fevers, and even malignant bone marrow tumors can manifest as an itchy rash. Many of these diseases are contagious. And the sooner the therapy prescribed by the doctor begins, the more chances for a quick cure. In addition, a patient who does not go to specialists endangers the health of relatives and colleagues at work.

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