How To Treat Redness

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How To Treat Redness
How To Treat Redness

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Redness of the skin is common in women with thin and sensitive light skin. Also, the causes of redness can be diseases of the digestive tract, inappropriate cosmetics and perfumes, as well as inappropriate cosmetic procedures and too much exposure to the sun or cold wind on the skin of the face. However, there are ways to prevent redness and get rid of existing stains.

How to treat redness
How to treat redness


Step 1

You may need to see a dermatologist first, who can accurately determine the causes of redness on the skin on the face. In addition, the doctor will prescribe a suitable diet - you will have to exclude fatty, spicy and smoked foods, as well as sweet and pickled foods, and of course, alcohol with tobacco from the diet. Include in your diet more foods that contain vitamins C, K and P, which strengthen blood vessels.

Step 2

If your blood vessels are prone to a sharp expansion, try to prevent it - avoid excessive heat exposure to the skin of the face, do not do hot baths and steaming, do not do warming up procedures, and also do not wash with ice - cold can also provoke redness.

Step 3

Using different cosmetics, rub them into the skin gently, do not rub it with sudden movements. While in the wind or sun, lubricate your face with moisturizing and protecting creams.

Step 4

Avoid anxiety and stress, which often cause vasodilation. Sleep at least eight hours daily, eat fruits and fresh vegetables, and wear sunscreen in the sun.

Step 5

In the morning, do not forget to lubricate your skin with a protective cream, which will relieve the skin of the harmful effects of polluted air and cold winds.

Step 6

Before going to bed, lubricate your face with a nourishing and moisturizing cream that regenerates and regenerates the skin. It is useful to use cream with green tea, chestnut, green apple, orange and mimosa extracts shortly before bedtime.

Step 7

To wash your face in the morning and evening, use water at room temperature - it should not be too cold or too hot. Wash your face in a circular motion, without pressing on the skin, and using an emollient lotion. Do not wash your face with alkaline soaps and alcoholic lotions.

Step 8

To hide the reddened area of ​​the face, you can use a foundation that matches your skin color, or a special green corrector to reduce redness.

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