What To Do If Red Spots Appear On The Skin

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What To Do If Red Spots Appear On The Skin
What To Do If Red Spots Appear On The Skin

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Redness on the skin occurs more than once throughout life. If it's an insect bite or a burn, it's clear what to do with them. And if red spots appear on the skin for no apparent reason, you need to know what to do in such a situation.

What to do if red spots appear on the skin
What to do if red spots appear on the skin

A huge number of diseases exist in dermatology, and each has its own characteristics in the development and treatment. In most cases, it is infectious diseases and allergic reactions that cause red spots on the skin.

Infectious diseases

The manifestation of red spots on the skin is accompanied by high fever, intoxication, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx and nose - these are signs of an infectious disease. With infectious diseases, rashes on the skin are multiple. Similar skin manifestations are signs of chickenpox, measles, meningitis, scarlet fever, less often typhoid fever. Another fungal infection that causes red spots on the skin and head, ringworm is a contagious disease. The spots with lichen are red in color, they are rounded, with clear contours, surrounded by a roller of small bubbles around the perimeter, and in the center of the spot the skin is less bright, the hair on the spots seems to be cut off or broken off. Red spots can itch unpleasantly.

If a family member has contracted shingles, make sure that each family member uses only their own clothes, towels, and personal hygiene products. All things that the infected person used must be boiled.

You should be careful in public pools and saunas. Always use your own slippers, do not go barefoot. Since the fungus most often grows in the area between the toes, wipe your feet dry. If you notice that your pet has a hairless spot, contact your veterinarian right away.

Allergic manifestations

Allergic rashes can be different, both one spot and many small specks all over the skin. Most often, such a reaction looks like a skin burn with nettles, in connection with which skin rashes with allergies are called urticaria. There are many allergens that cause skin allergies. The most common are plant pollen, animal hair, insect bites, food, cosmetics and chemicals.

In case of manifestation of allergic rashes, it is necessary to urgently stop contact with the allergen, if known. Eliminate food allergens from food. It is advisable to take an antihistamine.

Most often, an allergic skin reaction disappears after a few hours. If allergic rashes are accompanied by difficulty breathing and swelling, then you need to immediately call an ambulance, since this condition is already a threat to life.

If red spots and rashes appear on the skin, you should immediately consult a doctor. A seemingly harmless spot can turn out to be a serious disease. Self-medication is not worth it, this can aggravate the situation and lead to an increase in the area of ​​rashes. The doctor, in addition to the main means of treatment, will prescribe immunomodulatory agents, thereby preventing the manifestation of relapses.

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