How To Heal Cracked Heels

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How To Heal Cracked Heels
How To Heal Cracked Heels

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Cracks in the heels can appear even with regular foot care, it is often impossible to identify the cause. Pain while walking, and sometimes bleeding, interfere with normal life, because every step is difficult. Start the treatment of the heels immediately, the crack size may increase every day.

How to heal cracked heels
How to heal cracked heels


Step 1

Steam your feet in a boric acid solution (4 teaspoons per liter of water). Then apply a thick layer of Vaseline and put on cotton socks. Perform the procedure every evening, do not take off your socks until morning. If you have beeswax, melt it in a water bath and quickly mix it with petroleum jelly to help solve your problem faster.

Step 2

In the morning, steam your feet in warm alkaline water (2 liters tablespoon). Then immediately rub olive oil into your heels. You can add vitamin A and E capsules to it. Approximately 100 ml of oil requires only a capsule of both vitamins.

Step 3

Warm up honey in a water bath to a temperature of 50 degrees. Quickly apply it on a piece of soft cloth and attach to the heel, fix everything with an elastic bandage. Keep the bandage on your feet for about 2 hours. After removing, rinse your heels with warm water and apply petroleum jelly or olive oil.

Step 4

If you develop inflammation in the cracks, buy any ointment that contains antibiotics. Read the annotation carefully and only then start using it. The ointment will help not only relieve inflammation, but also heal cracks.

Step 5

When there are visible improvements and the skin begins to heal, start lubricating it with any baby oil. Carry out the processing several times a day.

Step 6

After the heels are completely healed, do not forget to take care of them regularly, otherwise the problem will reappear. Use not only a pumice stone for your feet, but also a special scrub, and apply nourishing masks 2 times a week. Instead of a cream, you can use either petroleum jelly or olive oil - whichever you like best. You need to take care of your heels not only in summer, but also in winter.

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