Why Do Heels Crack And Dry

Why Do Heels Crack And Dry
Why Do Heels Crack And Dry

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Agree, dry and cracked skin on the heels greatly spoils the appearance of the foot, especially for the fair sex. And it's not just aesthetic unattractiveness, over time, wounds and cracks begin to bleed and hurt a lot. Why is this happening and how can the problem be solved?

Why do heels crack and dry
Why do heels crack and dry

Corns and cracks can appear in any person, regardless of age and gender. First, the heels begin to peel off, then small wounds appear on them, which eventually transform into cracks.

-. Foot care should not be limited to basic cleansing, once or twice a week you need to use a pumice stone or a special brush to remove the stratum corneum, after which you need to apply a moisturizing or nourishing foot cream;

- The fungus can get on the skin of the feet in public baths, saunas, beauty salons or swimming pools. If a person already has cracks, and plus a weakened immune system, then this is a favorable condition for the development of a fungal infection;

-. Going for the next pair of shoes or boots, it is necessary to choose a model that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable, it is desirable that it be made of natural materials. In shoes of inadequate quality, the foot often sweats, creating a favorable environment for the development of various pathogenic microorganisms. Also, improperly selected shoes can rub the skin, thereby contributing to the formation of horny plaque;

- made of synthetic materials, also cause impaired air exchange, waterlogging of the foot and the appearance of inflammatory processes and microtraumas;

- or work associated with constant standing on your feet. Naturally, the greater the weight, the greater the load on the legs, especially on the feet. Over time, the skin of the feet becomes dry, inelastic and prone to cracking;

- Retinol is involved in the synthesis of certain proteins that promote skin regeneration. Retinol deficiency is caused by improper diet, the presence of various diseases, changes in hormonal status.

Cosmetic procedures do not always help get rid of cracked heels; in such cases, you need to look for the root cause and get rid of it. Foot care products can be purchased at almost any pharmacy or specialty store. Many creams and ointments contain many vitamins, as well as nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, but you need to choose it individually.

But you need to use not just hot water, various decoctions, sea salt, soda, or oils are added to it. After a 15 - minute procedure, the skin of the feet can be easily cleaned from the stratum corneum with a pumice stone, after which the feet need to be wiped dry and spread with a nourishing cream;

In order to eliminate the increased dryness of the legs and the cracks that appear, it is necessary to take moderately liquid honey and apply it to the skin of the feet, wrap it in a plastic bag or cling film and put on warm socks. In the morning, remove the remaining honey with a napkin or damp sponge. To eliminate problems with legs, 3-4 procedures are enough.

Lotions made from castor, olive or almond oils cope well with damage on the skin. They have wound healing, antimicrobial and moisturizing effects. Before applying the oil, the feet must be steamed, cleaned with a pumice stone, and only then only lubricated with heated oil, then wrapped in a plastic bag and put on warm socks. Usually, such procedures are carried out at night.

If the proposed methods do not help, then you need to consult a dermatologist who will prescribe medication.

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