How To Remove Papilloma

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How To Remove Papilloma
How To Remove Papilloma

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Papilloma is a benign tumor that has a different nature of origin, different sizes, shapes and even colors. It usually appears on human skin, but sometimes it also affects the mucous membrane. It can be either congenital or acquired. Moreover, it can be acquired either through direct external contact, or as a result of sexual contact with an infection carrier.

How to remove papilloma
How to remove papilloma


Step 1

Due to the fact that papilloma can be reborn from benign into a malignant formation, it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible. However, keep in mind that removing it does not guarantee that you will completely get rid of this infection. It can live in your body for several years, and you may be faced with the re-discovery of this unpleasant neoplasm on your body or mucous membrane.

Step 2

Do not in any way self-medicate. Do not use a string to remove the papilloma by trying to rip or cut it yourself. The most you can do is lubricate it with celandine juice.

Step 3

If you find papilloma in yourself, contact a specialist - a dermatologist. He is able to approach this problem from a professional point of view. Depending on where the papilloma was formed, the doctor will direct you to remove it.

Step 4

Such an operation is performed under local anesthesia. This does not require hospitalization. Now this procedure is carried out in many cosmetic institutions; its time, as a rule, does not exceed 30 minutes. The place where the papilloma was heals quickly, after 2 weeks there will be no trace of it.

Step 5

The most common ways to remove papilloma are freezing and laser treatment. Moreover, laser therapy has the shortest recovery period. But it is better not to use chemical agents - as you risk getting serious burns, as a result of which scars may form. If you want to get rid of papilloma with nitrogen burning, be prepared for the fact that you will need a large number of sessions to achieve the desired effect.

Step 6

To avoid the appearance of papilloma on your body, do not neglect simple but effective measures to prevent this virus. Try to take immunomodulators and multivitamins. Practice good hygiene and a discriminating sex life.

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