How To Get Rid Of The Vascular Network

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How To Get Rid Of The Vascular Network
How To Get Rid Of The Vascular Network

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There are more reasons for the appearance of the vascular network than we would like, which is why only a phlebologist can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Of course, you can try to get rid of it yourself, but no one can guarantee the effectiveness of home treatments.

How to get rid of the vascular network
How to get rid of the vascular network


Step 1

See a doctor, you can visit both a phlebologist and an ordinary surgeon. You will be prescribed an examination, and after that they will select a treatment. But usually it comes down to the removal of spider veins with a special laser device. The number of sessions is selected individually and depends on the stage of capillary lesions. If you have varicose veins, as a result of which an intricate pattern appeared, then the treatment will be slightly different.

Step 2

When varicose veins are the cause, the doctor prescribes blood-thinning medications. For example, aspirin, clopidogrel, warfarin, pentoxifylline, and other similar drugs. But you cannot take them without consulting a specialist. Due to the fact that they thin the blood, the capillary mesh is resorbed, but if you have blood clots, they can come off, so the use of these drugs without examination can be fatal.

Step 3

Special ointments can help with spider veins. They contain active ingredients that penetrate the skin and blood, and contribute to the elimination of the pattern. The ointment should also be selected by a phlebologist, but its use can be considered a safe way to eliminate spider veins, if, of course, side effects and allergic reactions are excluded. Of ointments and creams, they are usually prescribed: heparin or salicylic ointment, Asclezan or Venoton cream and other drugs with a similar effect.

Step 4

If you have a small and slightly noticeable pattern, apply toothpaste to it several times a day and hold for 2-5 minutes, gradually bursting capillaries will recover, the redness will pass.

Step 5

Take a contrast shower. Changing water tones up the body, the blood begins to circulate faster. A contrast shower especially helps to get rid of spider veins, if the jet is directed directly to the problem area. But all these are not ways of treating varicose veins, but most likely prevention, so you cannot do without the help of a qualified doctor.

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