Getting Rid Of Moles On The Body

Getting Rid Of Moles On The Body
Getting Rid Of Moles On The Body

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From childhood we were frightened: “Don't touch the mole, don't scratch it!”, “It's dangerous to delete”. We have matured, but we are still afraid to get rid of them, but in vain. Let's start simple: see a doctor.

Getting rid of moles on the body
Getting rid of moles on the body

Modern medicine has gone far ahead: it is not painful to remove moles and it is quite safe. To get started, make an appointment with a dermatologist, the first examination is often free. Do not tune in to the bad - basically all of our skin formations are harmless, and they can be removed all at once with a laser under local anesthesia. Anything that causes inconvenience or interferes with aesthetics can and should be removed without fear.

If some moles seem suspicious to the doctor, after removal he will send them for analysis (histology). This pleasure is not cheap, but you will be sure that the neoplasm has not become a platform for the development of a malignant tumor.

A visit to a dermatologist-oncologist is required if:

  • the mole came off, changed color, itches;

  • on the surface - crusts, inflammations and cracks;
  • the speck is asymmetric, has several shades, its size is more than 6 mm.

How is it removed? The laser procedure is ideal if there is a mole on the neck, face, hands. This method does not leave scars, the procedure lasts no more than three minutes.

Nitrogen removal is suitable for all superficial moles. A tampon soaked in liquid nitrogen is applied to the desired area. Keep it from ten seconds to three minutes. The skin at the site of exposure becomes numb, then the mole dies off. A slight scar may remain, therefore, the method is not suitable for removing formations in open areas of the skin.

Surgical intervention is used if histological examination is required. After the procedure, a trace remains, it can be removed later with a laser.

Please note: the removal of moles is not carried out in the summer - the wound should not be irradiated with ultraviolet light. You should not get rid of neoplasms on the skin during pregnancy: moles that appear during this period often disappear without a trace after the birth of a child.

Good to know:

  • May 17 - World Day Against Melanoma, the most dangerous skin neoplasm. The month was not chosen in vain, because the May sun is the most aggressive. Most clinics around the world conduct a free examination of moles on this day.
  • Addiction to tanning is to blame for 90% of the development of the disease. A visit to a solarium is just as harmful, because the skin is irradiated with ultraviolet lamps. Melanoma initially looks like a dark mole. Therefore, in the summertime, do not forget to examine yourself and your loved ones.
  • Skin tumors are the most common type of cancer (over 50% of all cases). Melanoma accounts for only 4% of cases, but it is aggressive, and 79% of bad outcomes are in this type of cancer.

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