How To Remove The Ring

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How To Remove The Ring
How To Remove The Ring

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For jewelry lovers, the question of how to remove the ring most often arises suddenly. Just recently, there were no problems and suddenly. Do not panic, the piggy bank of folk wisdom is full of advice on this matter, there is no doubt that any of them will be useful for you.

How to remove the ring
How to remove the ring


Step 1

As much as you are excited about what happened, do not try to remove the ring with jerks, sudden movements. You may be able to do this, but you injure the skin on your finger. And if the attempt is in vain, then practicing the following methods will be very painful. Often the problem is solved by itself, you just need to identify the cause of the swelling or swelling of the finger.

Step 2

It so happens that you wore a piece of jewelry for a long time and, having got used to it, did not pay attention to it at all. But one day you find that your fingers are swollen, and, frightened, in vain try to remove the ring. Again, panic in this case will be inappropriate and only hurt. Just try to understand what caused the swelling. After all, for sure, such situations have occurred before, but they went unnoticed. Most often, swelling occurs from excessive salt intake. Take your time, wait half a day and try to drink more water to flush out the salt. If the "diagnosis" is correct, the swelling of the fingers will subside on its own over time.

Step 3

Sometimes folds of skin that collect at the joint prevent the ring from being removed. You will need an assistant here. Call the one who will be nearby, let him pull back and fix the skin, and you take off the ring at this time.

Step 4

In summer, in the heat, the fingers can swell because of the weather. Reduce blood flow to your arm by placing it above your heart level, this will remove the ring after a while.

Step 5

The most popular folk method calls not only to raise your hand up to relieve swelling, but also to pre-hold it in cold water. But the people in this case forgets (or does not know) about the property of metals to shrink when cooled. You should not neglect the advice, just do not immerse your finger in water along with the jewelry, then you will probably be able to remove the ring.

Step 6

Any lubricant you can find will help to remove the ring from your finger. It can be soap suds, shampoo, and petroleum jelly. Lubricate the skin of your finger generously, including under the ring. Then, rotating the ring from side to side, carefully remove. If your hand slips, hold the ring with a piece of cloth.

Step 7

A silk thread will help to remove the ring (if there is no silk at hand, take any one). We insert the thinnest thread we can find into the thinnest needle. We pass it under the ring. We wrap one end of the thread very tightly around the finger from the ring to the joint or even the nail (see the situation). Then we unwind the thread from the opposite end, while it should easily release the finger.


Step 8

If you have an anesthetic drug like procaine at home, apply it to your finger as a compress; the swelling should decrease.

Step 9

It is very rare, but there are times when it becomes obvious that none of the above methods will be able to free the finger from the ring, it is so swollen. There is only one option left - sawing the ring. But under no circumstances should you do this at home. You can only harm yourself, aggravate the situation. It is traumatic. If possible, ask a jeweler for help. It will not be difficult for him to saw the ring, much easier than you imagine.

Step 10

To avoid injury when cutting the ring, the jeweler must thread the foil between the skin and the ring. If this fails, then you will have to go to the emergency room or to the surgeon. The doctor has more effective ways to remove puffiness, but at the same time it will not work to remove the ring from the finger without an incision. Do not worry, the ring will not be difficult to restore, but you will save your hand from injury by contacting a specialist.

Step 11

If you notice swelling when your finger turns cyanotic, then don't even try to remove the ring yourself. Here we are already talking not about saving the jewelry, but about saving the hand. Call emergency services or ambulance immediately.

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